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    Hi there,

    I found some support forums from wordpress and basically reset the Reading settings to selecting page and post and then back to the default and this cleared the issue. Not sure how it all happened by activating and deactivating plugins though?



    in reply to: Hide avisio settings for new user #32146

    Hi James,

    Thanks for that. With this client it would be good to have the Avisio settings hidden under Editor as they need to edit pages and posts but not the other stuff. Is there any way this can be done?

    All the best


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    Thanks for the information. Exporting and importing the content will be a big help. If I can get into the DB which files do I need? Sorry still a bit new with WordPress!

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    One more question? I am working on my site using a virtual appliance and cant seem to get into the database so the only access is through the WP admin.

    So do you know of any plugin that will allow me to download and save all my content and settings and then upload this onto a live setup?

    It would be great if it could be as easy as you have made it with one button to upload content that you have provided on your setup. Or how have you achieved that?

    All the best


    in reply to: Some questions #29890

    Hi Kriesi,

    Thanks for that. Only one style sheet is showing so Ill have to dig around.

    Have you had any experience with the shopping cart plugins? If so do you recommend any?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)