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    i never read in the enfold support forum about it,

    in reply to: Social share buttons in lightbox / prettyPhoto #346466

    after the many good releases, the avia.js looks totally different.

    What’s code today to switch on the share buttons in prettyphoto?

    Thanks in advance,
    Gruß Sebastian

    in reply to: Stop simple Captions on hovering images in general #295578

    thanks, but we did not get it. i integrated your script and you can take a look at example

    i checked with the latest chrome, firefox and internet explorer, all have emptied caches. problem: the simple hovering effect (not the enfold hovering effect) of a masonry gallery thumb is still there. because the simple hovering effect is coming from the caption detail.

    unluckly the title (left bottom) in the lightbox of a masory gallery image, which is pulled out of the caption detail of an image disappears. but i need a description for every picture which is in full view like in the “fullscreen slider”, not only a title in the thumb view. and i like that i can use <br>. but with your script hiding the title this lightbox title disappears, eventhough its pulled out of caption description of an image and that would be a pity.

    gosh, minor problem,
    sorry for that text and i hope we find a solution.

    gruß sebastian.

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    in reply to: Stop simple Captions on hovering images in general #295334

    No, what would be too simple.

    Take a look in the picture. i marked the simple caption. i would like to have that stopped in every function.


    in reply to: Enfold Frontpage Title with &#124 or "|" Character #261812

    thank you very much. and again a super and quick support. :)

    it worked and i have to say once more again: the support team of kriesi and the quality of your products are very good. as i did before, i recommend you guys.

    thank you very much.
    gruß sebastian, berlin germany

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