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    I have used a predictive search plugin in the past with abundance and it worked. It was a few years back though so I don’t remember which plugin it was but it’s possible, it works.
    Just wait for an answer from the support guys and you’ll get it fixed I’m sure.

    I was just being silly, thought i can find a decent free plugin but like all things, if you want quality you pay. I’ll look on those you suggested and just buy one, it’s not that expensive. Thanks for the suggestions, for taking the time to search. If i need help i’ll ask but the plugin support should be enough.
    Feel free to close the topic, it’s kinda solved.

    I sent the plugin author an email but on he has no activity for the last 9 months. Also the theme is premium so it might be difficult for him to reproduce the problem.
    The plugin description says the following:

    Chatlive downloads and upload to the / wp-content/plugins unzipped files, then install the plugin from the plugins section of wordpress. if your theme is properly developed should see the chat on your site, without any kind of errors, otherwise, check the header.php file of the theme you’re using and verfica if the call to the function wp_head (); just before the close of the <head>.

    I checked and even moved the wp_head(); right before the </head> but with no success. But while trying different stuff i did notice that when the header.php was absent (renamed) the plugin was functioning correctly (of course the page was all screwed up). So, it must be something there.
    I will keep testing stuff but since i’m not a coder it will be difficult. If you could help it would be awesome. The correct link to the plugin is

    in reply to: I need a part of Abundance to never reload? #71068

    Thanks for the reply Dude, I’ll link him that discussion and I guess I’ll have to work with him to finish that.

    Anyway for other other people interested in this kind of request there is an interesting solution (basically loads the website in a frame) and it’s called n3rdskwat-mp3player plugin for wordpress if you preffer you can work with it.

    By the way, I’m happy with the reply so you can go ahead and close this thread, thanks again!

    in reply to: Streched layout only for homepage (revisited) #67554

    Good news! This code works even though it disables the option to choose layout in the backend, I don’t need that anymore anyway. And why Dudes code didn’t work I dunno but … it didn’t. Feel free to try it when and if you want.

    About the widget issue if you want to reproduce the problem I’m facing please note that I use a 3 row deep setup for Product Categories like this: Main Category > Subcategory > Child Category.

    I will update the status of the topic as solved now, I triple checked it does work in this current form.

    Thank you.

    in reply to: Streched layout only for homepage (revisited) #67552

    I’m still waiting for a solution for the following:

    1. Streched layout only on the homepage and boxed layout on the rest of the website and how to make the streched layout all black (including the white main container)

    2. A solution for the Product Categories widget to display correctly “Show hierarchy” and “Show children of current category only”. Notice that when used with the default wordpress theme this widget displays correctly but in Abundance it does not.

    Thank you.

    in reply to: Streched layout only for homepage (revisited) #67551

    After asking on the woocommerce github I think I found a bug related to Abundance theme.

    If the Product Categories widget is used with both “Show hierarchy” and “Show children of current category only” options ticked when you click on a certain category it should only display the children of that category + the names of the other main categories without their children. In Abundance it will only display the names of the main categories without any children.

    in reply to: Streched layout only for homepage (revisited) #67550

    Sorry I was away for a couple of days but here are the required screenshots with the previous adjustment:



    Basically it’s now streched layout everywhere on the site even if the backend is set as Boxed Layout in Abundance Theme Options. As previously stated I can provide admin and ftp accounts if someone from support wishes to take some time to figure this out.

    in reply to: Streched layout only for homepage (revisited) #67548

    As proof that I’m not very organized … I found another note I wanted to ask you about:

    I plan to use a plugin on my webpage that embeds an mp3 as music background. It’s a 35×15 icon activated by a shortcode. I was wondering how can i add it in the footer area where the Copyright is but aligned to the very right. If it’s not possible to insert the shortcode there I can embed the flash object directly in the footer.php somewhere i guess but all my attempts to do that ended with the whole Copyright area getting displaced and sometimes I had the social icons appear under also.

    Any suggestions?

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    Another customization which again might only be related to woocommerce (I did post a Issue on the woocommerce github as well) but it doesn’t hurt asking here too:

    Would it be possible to have a product category link to a custom page? I imagine it can be done if the product categories would have permalinks and also it would need the Product Category widget to display categories that don’t have any products in them.

    in reply to: Different layout for 1 page #66501

    Yes it worked :) Thank you.

    I have a couple more questions but I’m setting up the shop completely then I’ll post all of them in one post, no point opening x posts for each question every day.

    in reply to: Different layout for 1 page #66499

    Awesome, will test 1) and reply with the results.

    About 2) I will investigate and will post results here today hopefully.

    Thank you.

    Leaving the post open untill I check 1) and will change status to resolved once I can confirm the code you supplied works.

    in reply to: Different layout for 1 page #66497

    Update, also Abundance 1.2.1 and WooCommerce 1.5 > WooCommerce Product Categories widget in Shop Overview Page (left) doesn’t display as a list.

    The dropdown works but I need it as a list>sublist to look like a menu.

    Maybe it’s just since the update because I did a clean reinstall of WordPress, WooCommrce and Abundance and I still need to tinker about with it but … I know I had it before when WooCommerce was updated to 1.4

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