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  • Hi Andy,

    I was looking for that function, but I couldn’t find it in the layout & styling tab of the theme:

    Part I: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -07.20.46.png
    Part II: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -07.21.02.png

    Thanks for your advice already!

    in reply to: Change from Broadscope to Enfold #456327

    Is it true that Broadscope isn’t supported anymore?

    I’ve a lot of sites (35) running on the bought broadscope-theme and this would be a problem for me…
    Why is it still possible to buy the Broadscope-theme? (I did so a few weeks ago)

    Thanks for your reply already,

    in reply to: Errors after upgrading manually to WordPress 4.0 #420862

    Problem finally fixed!

    Thanks Yigit!

    ps: it was not that simple, but found an old backup-file and started from there all over again…! :-/

    in reply to: How to reduce the space below footer-area (height) #397853

    Code worked like charm! (placed it in my style.css in Child-theme)

    Thanks Josue.

    in reply to: Insert Link / Add Media buttons not working #379156

    Thanks Yigit,

    Works all over again!
    Kind regards,

    in reply to: Insert Link / Add Media buttons not working #378562


    Unfortunaltly I’m having the same (major) problem with + 15 of my websites using Broadscope theme…

    Updated to WordPress 4.01 and using Broadscope Theme 1.6.

    Already a bugfix for uploading / selecting images in pages, posts,…?

    Still need to downgrade to WP 4.0 to get it working?
    Is there still going to come an upgrade of the theme? (because it’s an important functionality of the theme, no?)

    Thanks for your reply already!

    Kind regards,

    in reply to: Reduce font-size one specific title? #97505

    Hi Dude,

    thanks, works fine now!

    (Sorry, I don’t know anything about this type of code, otherwise I could have know it about this dod in front!;-))

    Thanks too, Devin!

    Kind regards,


    in reply to: Reduce font-size one specific title? #97503

    Hi Devin,

    thank you so much for your answer!

    It seems to be the correct code you gave me, but… it does not work.

    You can see the result at my development-environment:

    Put the code <h4 class=”kp-small-header”>Aansprakelijkheid</h4> instead of: <h4 class=”post-title”>Aansprakelijkheid</h4>


    both tried to paste this code in the Quick CSS and style.css…:

    kp-small-header {

    font-size: 50px !important;


    But in the 2 cases, same result as seen above…

    I also put a higher px-value in it,… to see if it gets bigger, but nog change in the result.

    Any idea?

    Thanks already!


    in reply to: Embedded Movie in page or post #96735

    Hi Ismael,

    thanks a lot…

    Which video-extension works best in both? (Windows & Mac, iPad, iPhone,…)

    Do you know that?

    – wmv seems to work in windows (as it is a Windows Media File)

    – MP4 seems to work on mac, iPad, iPhone (but not online on Windows pc’s)

    Thanks in advance.


    in reply to: Theme update(s) #96017

    Hi Ismael,

    thank you very much! This is really helpfull…! Didn’t know these “procedures”.

    One more question about number 3).

    => This is the general website you refer to.

    => Where can I download my update then? Do I just have to go to my ordered item and download it again? (Or is this still the same old version I’ve downloaded when I bought the theme a year ago?)

    Thans for this already!


    in reply to: News-page error with Internet Explorer 9? #90400

    I’m very sorry… but I’ve never before updated a theme.

    When I go to the download-section of my account at Themeforest I can see with theme’s I’ve already downloaded (and with with license).

    Do I just have to download the file again then?

    And will it be immediately the newest version of this theme I download or is this just the same download I did about a year ago?

    (I can’t see anywhere something like a version number, an latest version download link,…)

    Thanks in advance already!


    in reply to: Layout: Bullets and double lines on page (Form Builder Plugin) #91183


    Now all my issues are solved!!

    Thank you so much!!


    in reply to: Layout: Bullets and double lines on page (Form Builder Plugin) #91181

    Sorry Ismael,

    not working!! It’s a hard one!!;-))



    in reply to: Layout: Bullets and double lines on page (Form Builder Plugin) #91179

    Hi Ismael,

    everything works great! Except the double lines in the title!

    But it already helped me a lot! (the bullets were the most annoying!!;-))

    => the second one with the !important worked for me.



    Ps: if you find a solution for the double line, I will read it here!

    in reply to: Header – Color or use an image #91196

    Hi Ismael,

    thank you for the info! Works perfectly!



    in reply to: Can I add a LInkedIn Icon? #41983

    Hi Mya,

    in combination with FergieGirls code it seems to work!!

    (Only my icon is only showing half unless its in the 24×24 format)

    But this wil be a little trial and error…

    Thanks so much for your solution!!


    in reply to: Can I add a LInkedIn Icon? #41981


    Couldn’t get it working.

    Is it possible this code is not 100% correct?

    => Your code uses a > and < sign without opening/closing it again?

    When I use this in my custom.css, it’s not working:

    .social_bookmarks .appstore a{background: transparent url(‘′ img src=”’) 0 0 no-repeat;}

    Possible to correct my code? (And I’ve removed the code I implemented from the previous post of FergieGirl)



    in reply to: Header – Color or use an image #91194


    Also possible to add an image as a background?

    Kind regards,


    in reply to: Layout: Bullets and double lines on page (Form Builder Plugin) #91177

    Hi Ismael,

    unfortunatly for me it doesn’t… (I added the code in my custom.css, in my style.css,…) => nothing worked.

    Concerning the lines:

    => Under every text-box, it draws a very thin line. Under every big title on my form it draws 2 lines…

    => I know it has something to do with the theme-standards! When I add a bullet on a page, it always draws a thin line between 2 bullets. When I put a title on a page, it automatically draws a line under the title,…

    I hope I made it a bit clear?



    in reply to: Reduce tickness border (drop-down-menu) #91191

    Works like charm!

    thx Ismael!

    in reply to: Layout: Bullets and double lines on page (Form Builder Plugin) #91175

    Hi Ismael,

    it’s not working…I think!

    Bullets are not disappearing when i put the code in the custom.css-file.

    The lines of the titles are still double! (I think a title gets automatically a line in this theme, and also the plugin adds one)

    And your code is applying to the whole theme then, I guess?

    I only want to apply it to one page if possible? (ex. when I add a title, I still wants it to be automatically underlined…)



    in reply to: Can I add a LInkedIn Icon? #41979

    Hi Ismael,

    It’s an existing image-link. I don’t know why it’s not in a ‘year’-folder. It has to do with settings I think?

    If you click this link, you’ll see it’s an existing ‘test’-image:

    You can check the website at:

    If you click on the left of the RSS-icon you can click on a link of the app-store or of Google Play.

    The link works, but as you see, no image appearing.



    in reply to: Can I add a LInkedIn Icon? #41977

    The code of FergieGirl worked perfect to me, but I have the same problem as emiliorull: Link works, but icon is not showing.

    (But as said… when I hover over “the not showing icon”, I can click the link and it works)

    I just replaced the path to my icon (which I uploaded in the media-section in my dashboard) in FergieGirls code, but it’s not showing up…


    < li class=’appstore’ >< a href=’′ > < img src=”” >< /a>< /li>

    Anyone an idea why?

    Thanks already!!

    Ps: added also spaces to make the code visible to you

    in reply to: News-page error with Internet Explorer 9? #90398


    a work-around (I can live with) is to reduce the total number of posts on 1 page.

    Then all your posts can stay online…

    As you know you can change this in your “Read”-settings on your dashboard.

    I think the problem has to do with a page-loading-time that is too long or something.

    Because now I can read every posts on the different pages (without getting the error).

    This proves there is no problem with the posts itself? (font, picture,…)



    in reply to: News-page error with Internet Explorer 9? #90397


    I’ve found the reason after a long ‘testing’ session…

    When I have more than 6 posts on my blog (news-page), the structure will be mixed up!

    If not, it all works fine…

    Very strange, isn’t it?

    I thought it had something to do with an error in one particular post (ex. a text-font the IE9 couldn’t handle), but it isn’t…

    If i turn a few posts to ‘concept’, they don’t appear on the blog and it works if the total is not above 6 posts with the status ‘published’.

    If I have 6 post published and I just create one more with only a title and one word in it: it crashes again!

    My “solution” until now is to have only the 6 most recent posts with the status ‘published’.

    All the other I give the status ‘concept’ and the blog looks great again…

    BUT in my opinion this isn’t the purpose of a blog / newspage… All my earlier posts on my blog / newspage should still be available… Isn’t it?

    I have a customer with exacly the same blog. And in his case the IE9 just mixes up his blog when he is above 8 posts… (WEIRD!!!!)


    Anyone any idea? (Safari, Firefox, IE8: don’t matter how many posts there are on the blog… it alltimes works…)

    A solution should be great!

    Thanks in advance

    in reply to: Hover color menu-items & space under footer #63815

    Hi Chris,

    thanks in advance already!

    A) is working => although with a mega-menu-item the blue color wich I’ve chosen is nog properly aligned. The blue color (after a second) slides a little bit down (into the mega-menu). => But this is also so in the standard-theme I think. I might need to change the full background-color of the mega-menu into blue too?

    B) Not working i think.

    => once you click on “home”-menu-item, it is still dark grey color.

    C) Works.

    in reply to: Layout: Links widget on page (via Wigets on Pages) #69051

    Hi Chris,

    thanks already for your answer!

    Adding this code just helps me a small bit.

    => I added the code to the style.css of my child-theme

    => Only the top bullet (above the links-title) & the bullet of my first link are disappeared!

    => The other bullets & all the lines are still visible.

    If I put this code over there (removing code of “ul li:first-child”, it removes all the bullets. (but lines still visible)

    .widgets_on_page ul li {

    background-image: none ! important;


    .widgets_on_page ul li {



    .widgets_on_page ul li {

    background-image: url(“../images/skin1/list-icon.png”) !important;


    See result at:

    Personally I think that it has something to do with this theme’s “titles”.

    When you add a title in this theme (<H1>, <H2>,…) it automatically adds a line under it?

    => That’s OK for me, but not on this page!;-)

    Thanks in advance!


    in reply to: Extended License #59515


    I’ve finally ordered the extended license for this theme last week, but I got a “little” problem with it.

    At my office I also once bought a brightbox-theme for my client/colleague (user: HeidiW, email: (Email address hidden if logged out) ).

    Now I ordered this extended license at the same office last week (thursday I think) and payed with my paypal account. So far so good…

    But: when I downloaded the extended license, I saw this was put on the name of my colleague (Heidi) instead of my name.

    I know what’s the reason for that: My colleague was still logged in into her themeforest-account when I was ordering/paying.

    Can you bring me in contact with someone at your company who can fix this problem for us please? (Because I have customers waiting for me to start developing their websites?)

    They can contact me at: (Email address hidden if logged out) of my colleague at her email already written above.

    Ordered Item-ID in the license = 166661.

    Thanks in advance already!!


    in reply to: No static text besides tablet slider. #59443


    when you want to use the tablet slider on your frontpage, you need to use the template builder to get it right! (manual)

    Now it works fine!

    (When you use it on other pages, it will work correctly without using the template builder)



    in reply to: Titels in combination with Icons Display problem #57466

    When I add the following line <h1 class=”post-title”></h1>

    in front of:

    <h1 class=”post-title”>KBC Verzekeringen</h1>

    [one_third first]

    <h3 class=”title”>Contacteer ons</h3>

    it works. But this is a little “dirty” in my opinion.

    Alle other (nicer) word-arounds may be posted of course!!;-))

    Thanks in advance!


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