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    Since there was no reply, I *hacked* a solution together.

    Here is the solution for someone looking for an answer to the same problem:

    For a individual hotspot set the textarea style to be dark transparant and then add this CSS rule:

    .av-hotspot-image-container .av-image-hotspot[data-avia-tooltip-class*=”transparent_dark”] {display: none !important;}

    It hides all hotspots that have that setting.

    in reply to: Left menu not usable on iPad #1114173

    Hi Victoria,

    I already have that setting configured like that. And that is a setting for the mobile menu, not for the regular left side menu. On iPad however, the mobile menu isn’t shown. It is just the regular menu… So this setting won’t effect anything.



    Hi Jillian,

    This was a specific problem related to the Postmark plugin. That’s the one I use to send the e-mail. I didn’t use another debugging plugin for this purpose. There are some though that might be useful. You can try “WP Mail Logging” I use that one a lot.

    Kind regards,


    in reply to: Centered logo – Shopping cart in menu #1036939

    Thanks, the code is working. But there is another problem. If you go to shop and add something to the cart on mobile, the cart counter is displayed underneath the menu bar. How is that possible? I included the link to the website.

    Okay for everyone having trouble: I did some more debugging and I finally found the error. Mind you, I use PostMark as a SMTP service so the answer might quite specific for the people using that service.

    The enfold contact form uses the e-mail address that the user typed in as the “FROM” address when sending the mail (which is okay in most cases). But I need the FROM e-mail address to be the same as my domain ( (Email address hidden if logged out) ) otherwise my mail server won’t accept the e-mail as a verified sender.

    I found the error when I tried filling in the contact form using a mail address that is the same as my domain and it worked. When I tried to fill it in using my gmail account it failed. I installed some more debugging tools and this was the error:

    {“ErrorCode”:400,”Message”:”The ‘From’ address you supplied ( (Email address hidden if logged out) ) is not a Sender Signature on your account. Please add and confirm this address in order to be able to use it in the ‘From’ field of your messages.”}

    So all e-mails must be sent under (Email address hidden if logged out) . How to do that? I found a global filter that can override the from e-mail address:

    add_filter(‘avf_form_from’, ‘avia_change_from’, 99, 3);

    function avia_change_from($from, $new_post, $params){
    $from = (Email address hidden if logged out) ‘;
    return $from;

    Any questions? Please feel free to ask!

    Regards, Luuk

    But how can be that sometimes the enfold contact form works and sometimes it doesn’t? What is configured wrong on the server? You have seen the PHP info file…

    I tried to move the site to a completely different hosting environment, still the same problems… Normal forms (CF7 and default WordPress) are sending mail correctly. And sometimes the Enfold as well. I have a mail log plugin and it logs all the mail except for the ones trough the enfold form…

    Please help

    @2011apuchin, I tried different SMTP providers but it still doesn’t work. There is something broken inside the enfold forms themselves, since regular wordpress e-mails actually are sending when using a SMTP provider. It’s just some of the Enfold forms that don’t work…

    @moderators, it’s been 11 days now, still no solution….

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    Hi Nikko,

    Thanks for the reply. Although I’m little disappointed by the late response and neglecting of the support ticket for almost a week.

    I did a lot of debugging already and so far my conclusion is that the Enfold contact form is broken. All mail is sending, except for some Enfold contact forms. Installing another plugin means I have to replace close to a 50 forms… That’s no solution in my honest opinion.

    I have created a staging version of the website as asked for in the other thread, details are in the private section.

    Please stay in contact with me about this problem.

    And if there is NO fix, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Then I start swapping out all the contact forms. I want the forms to be sending mail before the weekend starts at least…. So if the enfold forms won’t be working by tomorrow then I rather start using CF7 or something.

    It has taken enough money so far.

    Yes It’s included in the private box. Can you please tell me when you got the PHP info? I don’t like leaving it open on my website…

    Some more research, another SMTP plugin also does not work with enfold contact form. Sending password recovery e-mails or test e-mails using the SMTP plugin work completely fine.

    I also installed a mail logger. All mail (default WordPress user/password mail, test mail, Contact Form 7 mail) is being logged except for the Enfold contact form e-mails. It seems like the Enfold contact form is using the wrong PHP/Wordpress function to send mail.

    Please provide some help… The Enfold contact form is actually broken.

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    in reply to: Centered logo – Shopping cart in menu #1028134
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    in reply to: Logo issues on default installation #1017116

    Hi Victoria,

    Thanks, I have solved the issue. I completely looked for it in the wrong spots. I’m sorry!

    Kind regards,


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