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    Hi Rikard,

    So if i use the Add Media button for instance on a piece of text and it links to a pdf file in media with the mydomain.test/blabla link it will stay connected if the test site is put online?

    Greetings, Erwin

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    Thanks it worked! :) so awesome

    I have another question. When i zoom in on every page my logo disappears and the Enfold logo appears. How to make it so my logo stays even if i zoom in or when i use the phone its my logo.


    in reply to: Sidebar News #934352

    Thanks Vinay.

    It is working now! :)

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    Hi Rikard!

    Is there a free translation plugin like wpml or qtranslate that works well with enfold? I tried using qtranslatex but it seems to not be compatible with the theme. I want to use one like wpml where you can write down instead of automatic translation.


    in reply to: Logo won't become larger … & Media content #930186

    Thanks so much! That all helped :)

    I have another question. Do you recommend a certain automatic language translator plugin for Enfold that shows language icons in the main menu?

    Greetings Erwin

    in reply to: Logo code in editor #928189

    Hi Rikard!
    As an add on to my last question. Hope its not too much.

    I have the same weird scaling happening when i zoom in on the items on the page.
    Especially on the text and icon with USP’S HUAWEI 1-FASE OMVORMERS.

    I think it’s something with the grid row instead of the content or column sections. But the grid row has the option to have the content as wide as possible on the page thats why i like it and use it. Is there a possibility to have the grid row not have a bad outline and line up well?

    Greetings Erwin

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    in reply to: Logo code in editor #928104

    Hi Rikard!

    Thanks so much.
    Is there a possibility to remove the search logo in the top menu? Its there by default.

    Also, another question:
    The five text/icon items on this page scale really weird. They are not the same size even though i made them be 60px top, bottom, right, left.: – I want them to be the same size. Is there some css for this?

    Greetings Erwin

    in reply to: Logo code in editor #927756

    Hi Ismael,

    Tnx! That color change worked :)

    With watermark i mean the © Enfold by Kriesi in the footer which is in every theme.
    Which i removed by deleting it from the Editor footer.php. So i dont have a picture.
    But i read somewhere that if Enfold gets updated that it will come back because the editor gets overwritten.
    So do you have css code that i can put into the css box so that it wont be overwritten by an update.
    CSS that keeps the © line the way i want it to be. :)


    in reply to: Logo code in editor #926551

    Hi Rikard!

    So i changed the editor to remove the watermark from you guys. Do you have some code that i can put into quick css that permanently removes it?

    Also; i’m trying to get the text in the menu to get black instead of white. But even though i change the text color from the main menu links inside Enfold – Advanced Styling it does not change the color of the text. I wiped my cache clean and used different browsers. Any thoughts?

    Greetings Erwin

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