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    Thanks for the insight, just increased the amount a bit and worked out perfect


    .preview_image, #top .template-archive-overview .preview_image {
    left: 660px;

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    I just tried that, didn’t work unfortunately.

    Any other suggestions?

    Or perhaps you could take a look?

    I’m really stuck

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    The very bottom post is the only one with an image.

    When you hover over the post title the image appears but over the text.

    I would like to realign it to the right of the content area, also would it be possible to have it show by default?

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    You might not know this but the load for the images triggered by scrolling – so when you scroll down it will load them in batches of 10’s.

    This of course can be changed to a higher number but will impact on page loading.

    The only reason it looks not so great on your page is that you have lots of landscape-wideformat images and they don’t take up as much space as portrait-tallformat images.

    Here is the code to edit to increase the amount of images that pre-load and per scroll-




    You can increase the item count to a very high value – open up includes/helper-slideshow.php and replace:

    function display($itemcount=10)

    with eg:

    function display($itemcount=100)

    Because of performance reasons I’d keep the value low though.

    Here is a link to where it was asked by someone else (Purchase code hidden if logged out)


    Thanks for the reply but again it’s replacing the site copyright info and totally removing the slideshow controls bar.

    I just want to replace the text element of the slideshow controls bar “hide sidebar & content” – leaving the controls on the left there but replacing the text on the right with some simple html links

    Apologies for all the hassle, thanks for all your help.


    I tried adding the changes you suggested but I didn’t get quite the results I was looking for-

    Instead of removing the hide content & sidebar text it replaced the site copyright info.


    Maybe I placed the code in the incorrect location you specified

    //hide hide content menu
    jQuery(‘.hide_content_wrap’).html(‘Terms & Conditions
    (Email address hidden if logged out) “>Webmaster

    Here is an image to show exactly what I’m trying to achieve.




    Thanks for the insight

    #top.single .product, #top.single .product.first

    We’re the ones causing the conflict

    Thanks for helping out, now any pages created using the woo commerce shortcode are formatted correctly.


    the problem is not with the category pages themselves for example

    all products page at the bottom of the nav menu.

    I managed to style it to look like the other category pages and allow me to use a sidebar aswell as using the woocommerce shortcode to filter the products shown.

    The problem is that the style changes I made have created a conflict. That changes how the single product page render.

    Instead of filling up the full width it renders it with only one column.

    link to example to see what I mean

    here is a link to the site

    You will need to login to see the site, so here is a subscriber level account




    I really need this sorted soon.

    Again to restate the problem pages created using the woocommerce sortcode look god awful, using the shortcode they don’t look anything like the default created shop or shop category pages. I need to use the shortcodes to filter my products so getting this sorted is a must.

    So check any product in the shop with masonry layout and you’ll see the problem straight away.


    Ps if you need admin access just ask

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    I have been changing around the mini content area too.

    Here is anotherr way to change to mini content area without using an image for transparency

    Just pop the code into your custom css panel

    The fist one sets width and position from the edges of the screen.

    The second setst colour and transparency in rgb (204,204,204 a mid tone grey and the last bit 0.5 sets the transparency in this case 50%)

    .entry-mini {

    .entry-mini .box {
    background-color: rgba(204,204,204,0.5);

    in reply to: Left Menubar Location? #75815

    I had a similar issue this worked for me:

    .sidebar, .arrowslidecontrolls_fullscreen { left:0 !important;


    .container {

    margin: 0;


    in reply to: Right Align Background Slider Non Cropped #69546


    I think you miss understood, I don’t want to right align the stretched full screen background slideshow but only the –

    Non cropped version where the image is shrank to fit inside the window which is better for portrait shaped images.

    The problem is portrait images are narrow and either the menu or a content area or blog get in the way- so if the background images were aligned to the right this would sort it out.

    on another issue-

    Ideally it would be a great option to assign each post or page backgrounds slider type (full screen, or non) when writing just like the layout options.

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