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    Thanks dude. Is this also an issue with Brightbox? Cause I could probably use that one for this job as well…cheers.

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    I was minutes from buying this theme but solely to put youtube vids in the slider…is this working yet in FF4? Bummer…

    Thanks for that code James :)

    Is there a secure way to send you the site url? I prefer not to post it here.Thanks!

    in reply to: Rearranging slides #42092

    Doesn’t apply here but for other themes that use post type for their slider, you can sort via “Post Types Order” WP plugin. Helps with other themes…

    +1 for rearrage of slideshow :)

    in reply to: Separate Thread For Logo Upload/Border Issue #42006

    thanks :) Cheers.

    in reply to: Where do I start? #41823

    Hey Kriesi,

    I see his problem still. There’s still an outline around his logo. I couldn’t upload my logo through the admin panel either without getting a black border too. I just overwrote your logo.png with mine via ftp as a workaround. Hope that helps :)

    in reply to: Where do I start? #41818

    I think we’ll have to wait for the man on that one…I’m still getting the black outline unless I overwrite logo.png and upload via ftp.

    in reply to: Where do I start? #41816

    The path to the logo is in either images/skin1 or images/skin2 1 is for light skin, 2 is for dark skin, just replace appropriately

    in reply to: Where do I start? #41813

    You need to go under ‘appearances’ ‘menu’ and create a menu there. You need to select that menu for your theme on the left. Then you need to re-add the links you want including a custom link to your own home page and save it.

    I’m getting the border around the logo too if I try to upload but if I just overwrite the logo.png with my own from ftp it works fine.

    in reply to: Where do I start? #41811

    If you extract all the files in your you’ll find a folder called “documentation”. Go in that folder and double click on the index.html file. There’s your help file :) Make sure you have WordPress 3.1 installed and read install instructions. Hope that helps some.

    in reply to: Where do I start? #41809

    have you read the included documentation?

    in reply to: PHP error on slider (probably my fault) #41799

    That’s why you get paid the big bucks :) That was it. Sorry if it was in your item description or the documentation, I’ve just been so afraid to update any of my sites to 3.1 yet so…problem solved! Cheers.

    in reply to: PHP error on slider (probably my fault) #41797

    okay, didn’t know that was mandatory, that’s probably it then :) thanks, will try.

    in reply to: Meta Keywords & Descriptions #33065

    My 2 cents, Check out Headspace 2 plugin.

    It is by far the most advanced seo plugin…cheers.

    in reply to: Tabbed pages under slider not showing up #31045

    Jeez, odd man out again lol. Glad it’s working for you guys. Still nothing here. I’m going ahead without them and hope that when I move the site to the real domain when I’m ready to go live that it somehow magically fixes itself. What else can I hope for at this point?

    in reply to: Tabbed pages under slider not showing up #31043

    Glad it worked for ya. No such luck here. Mine were already set proper. Actually they were set a 10. But I took them down to 5 and resaved anyway to see if that would help and it didn’t :(

    Thanks for posting back though.

    in reply to: Tabbed pages under slider not showing up #31035

    Hi James,

    To answer your questions for my site:

    1) This was a fresh install a couple weeks ago.

    2) I uploaded the theme through dreamweaver and manually created the DB. (did not load dummy data)

    3) I use Hostgator VPS.

    That eases my mind notloc27 that you just have a standard, shared hostgator account. This is the first time I’ve used a VPS account and didn’t know if maybe there were different environment variables or what (but again, no other wordpress theme exhibits any problems).

    Thanks for any help with this James…and my admin username/password is on it’s way…

    in reply to: Tabbed pages under slider not showing up #31032

    You can’t assume it works for all 400 plus…to assume that everyone is even using tabs on the home page would be more flawed logic.

    To state that anything is a fact such as the support here is great is again subjective. Don’t try to tell me my criticism is unfair. Is it anymore fair to be stuck with a product that doesn’t fully work? That’s what I thought…

    Try using the search function of this forum in the upper right, it’s very helpful.

    Doing a search for “menu color” would have shown you the answer in the second listing here:

    Doing a search for “navigation description” would have turned up another answer for you here:

    Doing a search for “reenie beenie” would have netted this result:

    in reply to: Tabbed pages under slider not showing up #31030

    There’s no need for flaming. There’s room for all opinions I’m pretty sure…

    Let’s dissect your argument…

    1) “Sold for almost nothing”…you mean sold for roughly the same price as other templates like at where there’s 24/7 support and even a money back guarantee? Look, if I buy anything for any price, I expect it to work. By your logic, I guess I shouldn’t expect a 50 dollar wordpress shopping cart plugin to be fully functional either…

    2) “There’s no obligation for the developers to provide customization support…”…Very true…however, they’d never make sale 1 if they didn’t. The bar has already been set by other developers at themesforest thus the support here will obviously be measured by the support of the best over there.

    3) This particular issue is not server support, nor is it customization…it’s a feature that does not work. Is that acceptable for you?

    4) “If your business and customers rely on you investing a whopping 40 dollars…”. I invest 5 dollars per month in hosting fees for one website…that’s cheap…Is it ok then if my website goes down all the time? Flawed logic again…if there’s a listed feature on the side of a box, wouldn’t you expect it to work? Tabs is a listed feature and it doesn’t work for at least 2 of us…I rest my case.

    Sorry if you feel not meeting a deadline due to a listed feature not functioning is a trivial thing and “silly”, then you have better and more understanding clients than we do. Congrats.

    in reply to: Tabbed pages under slider not showing up #31027

    I can certainly understand your frustration Beatriz. This is the fourth theme I’ve purchased from Themesforest and this is by far the theme I’ve had the most trouble with. I, like you, appreciate the help I’ve gotten here but somehow expected more…I’ve held off on giving a rating in hopes things will improve. I know that this isn’t kriesi’s only job but if you’re going to sell anything to 500 plus people, the support needs to be there regardless if this is a hobby to you or not.

    I disagree with you though on using this forum to support the theme. I think that’s the one thing Kriesi did right. Much better to have support here where you can help others and also search threads.

    I find your last paragraph about javascript/css very interesting. The way things load in this theme simply have to be causing the problem that no one else here can reproduce (read more link on home page moves up and down based on refreshing the browser). This problem only manifests itself on a faster server. As load times change with the theme, something loads before something else should and causes this strange problem…that’s my hunch anyway.

    So back to your initial problem, I say if any problem is able to be reproduced by 2 people, it needs to be a priority. So…I didn’t want to give out the URL to my test site but in the hopes of getting this problem taken seriously, here it is:

    Here’s your 2nd tabs not working site guys, let’s act like people’s jobs are on the line here folks…cause they are!

    in reply to: Tabbed pages under slider not showing up #31022

    Hi Beatriz,

    I’m still working on the tabs…the situation I’m in is that the tabs do not work on the domain I’ve put real time and effort into building pages…like you, weird things are now starting to happen now that my site is almost done. The tabs work fine on a clean install without installing the dummy data. I’ve not gotten further in troubleshooting than that but here’s the most recent problem and I will post this in a separate post but here goes:

    After adding about 20 pages and getting pretty far with building the site, I am finally ready to add some nice photos to the homepage slideshow.

    First, after adding the first picture, the captions or descriptions didn’t display. I’m thinking great, I wonder what this bug is…but after adding a second picture to the slideshow, the description on the first slideshow picture magically started working…so I consider that one bug. Then, I notice that after adding pictures to the slideshow for the first time, some of my theme settings were automatically reset such as my homepage text went back to the default text and also my contact page settings were lost and went back to the default. Can’t say if this is a wordpress or theme bug but there’s defnitely some unexplained wackiness that needs to be looked into.

    in reply to: Tabbed pages under slider not showing up #31019

    I’ve been able to reproduce this problem on one of my test installs of this theme…I’m not sure yet what caused it, still trying to research that…stay tuned

    in reply to: Theme install #31176

    no problem, glad it worked!

    in reply to: Theme install #31174

    Are you using the zip file you downloaded from themeforest or the file WITHIN the zip file you got from themesforest? You need to extract the zip file ‘avisio’ from the file you downloaded. THEN you can upload

    Very interesting…if you put the shortcode in for the ‘top link’ ([hr top]) after the dropcap shortcode, the togglers will work…if not, they don’t work on the first one. Definitely a bug on this one.

    Alright, thanks for looking into it. As long as you’ve seen the video I posted and don’t think I’m crazy, I guess that’s a consolation!

    I’ve since spoken with a friend who is a programmer and he’s seen these ‘refresh bugs’ before.

    I won’t attempt to re-explain what he told me but it was something like “…as the page is being rendered something is being cached only sometimes and hitting refresh isn’t really refreshing the whole page…or the speed at which the page loads is sometimes completing one script too soon or too late causing a display bug.”

    I don’t know…it’s just frustrating…not trying to wish anyone ill but I hope someone else has this problem ;)

    in reply to: What determines the navigation description text? #30975

    As I found out, you need to use WordPress Menu Manager. Goto your wordpress admin panel under ‘appearances’ click ‘menus’. You have to create a menu, assign pages to it, and give it descriptions. The description will then show below the link. Subsequent pages you add will get added to the menu automatically. If you want to make a page the child of another just drag it slightly to the right. Hope that all makes sense, takes a little getting used to but it makes other plugins like My Page Order and Page Lists Plus unnecessary now.

    in reply to: Using Tabs for more than 1 paragraph #30945

    yeah, I was just hoping maybe there was an easy way in css or something but thanks.

    in reply to: How to add rel="prettyPhoto[iframes] to slideshow links? #30915

    perfect. thanks!

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