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    hi, thank you for answer

    It would be the best to use the portfolio as a group of thumbnails. But to complicated i think. I have 9 port. categories ( concert, wedding….) and each category including many port. items ( in case of wedding there is lot of couples ) with many images inside. But dont worry, i will try to solve it myself, if not i will ask you :)

    And about gap. Look at (clik image PHOTOS and u see white space between big colour and b&w image, how make this space bigger? )

    Another think, how to disable hover effect (gloss.png) from all images or just make opacity ‘0’ if mouse is out and instead ot that make this hover over effect for images in section ‘Related Entries’

    thank u a lot Tomsan

    in reply to: portfolio-fullsize-image-height-Eunoia #106765

    I made canvas and put 334x500px image in there, but when using lightbox, it look really bad. Lot of white space and image in middle.

    Another thing please, how to make bigger gap between full size images? thank you

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