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  • Thanks Mike, that CSS worked.

    Question on the CSS for the space on top of images. I’m using the following:

    .single .post-entry img {
    padding-top:4em !important;

    But if you look on the images in the link I gave you, once I load the page and hover my mouse over the image, the image jumps down a few pixels for some reason. This happens with every single image on that page when I hover over it. It’s rather strange and annoying.

    I’m not sure why this is happening.

    Also, the space on top of each image is clickable and opens the lightbox, which is what it should do when I click on the image itself. Any way to make that not clickable? I’ve used margin-top too but that still does the same thing.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Mike,
    Actually, you can look at one of my older posts.
    You can see how there’s space on top of my images, but not the same amount of space below the caption for that image. I’m just adding a single image to the blog post. Nothing fancy.


    Hi Mike,
    Sorry for the delay. I was originally using the Gutenberg editor, but having switched back to Advanced Layout Builder, I still have the same issue. Essentially I just want XX pixel amount of space above each image I place, and below each image caption within my blog post, so that there is a whitespace “cushion” surrounding images. I managed to find the CSS for the space above the image, but I can’t seem to find the CSS that refers to the padding or margin after the caption of each image. My post isn’t live so I can’t show you the link, but hopefully I’ve explained this enough for you to understand what I’m trying to do.

    Many thanks!

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    Hi Mike!
    Thanks! The code for the blog entry works only if I put it in the Additional CSS section, and not in my custom css file. Is there a reason why this is so? This has happened in other cases too, where it works in the former and not in the latter.

    As for the border, the image you are referring to is created with a border, correct. It’s the images with captions that have a thin gray border around them, that I would like to remove. Ideally, I just want a photo with its caption directly underneath it, which I can style with CSS. I can’t seem to figure out which CSS controls the border around images when a caption is entered.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Thanks for this. The code worked for everything BUT the single blog post!
    I’m using a child theme, and have just added a style.css in the child theme root folder, which is where I have been putting all of my custom css.

    Also, I still see the borders around my images, so that css did not work.

    Any other suggestions?
    Many thanks!

    in reply to: Google analytics code not working #430530

    The code has been like this for a couple weeks. If that’s not enough time, then I don’t know what is. I looked at that page before but didn’t see anything that I could easily fix myself.

    I’m using a child theme. Would this have any effect on this? Should I apply this to the parent theme? I’m also on a multi-user site. Do you think that would have an effect as well?


    in reply to: Icon links stop working after widget added to sidebar #424732

    No I did not fix it.
    The Pin it button is part of the widget so it works fine. Anything out of, and above the widget does not work.

    If I am able to put those social media icons within a widget, that may solve my issue too, but I can’t seem to get that to work either.

    If I copy and paste the

    social media section in the header, it doesn’t show at all in a widget area text box that I create.


    in reply to: Icon links stop working after widget added to sidebar #424287

    Hey there,
    So I noticed something interesting.
    If I move the widget above whatever I entered in the Page Settings, those icons now link properly!
    The icons no longer work if the widget area resides below the page settings content. I tried moving the widget halfway between all my icons, and only the ones showing below the widget work properly. I really want the widget to be below my page settings content so hopefully we can fix this.

    Maybe this info. may help debug this?

    in reply to: Icon links stop working after widget added to sidebar #424271

    Disabling the plugins didn’t do anything.

    I have another page here: that has the icons I was talking about.
    Everything above the Pin It icon is done on the Page settings, and everything below it is inside a widget.


    in reply to: Featured Image Large Preview Size on Blog post #368786

    Thanks Ismael! That worked. I was changing the entry_with_sidebar option because that’s the option that I kept seeing in this support forum! I have a sidebar on my homepage though, so I figured that would be the right one—I guessed incorrectly!
    Thanks; you can close this case now.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)