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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for getting back to me. It looks like the problem has gone away now the website is published. The IPS tag was changed so I had to publish the site to prevent an empty webspace. Sorry to have wasted your time. I tried it in a few browsers after publication on IOS.

    The site can be found here:

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    I have just completed a new website for Elite Training Solutions, a local First Aid and E-Learning provider based in the UK.

    Please visit Elite Training Solutions

    Plugins used for calendar:
    EventON purchased from Theme Forest.

    Website Design by Think Jarvis Design and Marketing

    I have the same issue in English on all of my enfold websites roughly 30 in total. Not tested it in different languages.

    If you have the Block editor set in the admin panel, both the advanced layout editor and block editor show when editing.

    In order to use the theme at the moment, I have to enable the classic editor in the admin panel. This prevents both editors from showing.

    Please can you add this to the list of bug fixes for the next minor release, NOT major release? I imagine a lot of new customers being very frustrated right now.

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    Read the first post of this thread. It was updated this month. Definitely not discontinued.

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    I didn’t realise the Responsive images came from core as well! Wow OK this is going to be the final tick in a box for Enfold for me. If we get Lazy load support as well then the only way to further improve it performance wise will be to reduce the main framework.

    I’ll be testing autoptimize when I get the chance to reduce the size of the merged files.

    Looks like the Devs at Enfold have some work to do! I will still compress all images before uploading them. It helps keep the server and database clean. But When the update lands I will need to regenerate thumbnails for all of my websites so I can enable the feature.

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    @webvriend @gunter
    Not sure if you have seen but WordPress core team are planning to launch Lazy loading of images as standard in WordPress Core. Lazy load is being added to all major browsers as a html solution rather than relying on Javascript. I’d imagine that for enfold to add responsive images, that the Enfold team will need to wait until after the new lazy loading attributes are added to the core, otherwise the new responsive image coding may not be compatible with lazy load.

    @gunter – Just so you are aware, I currently use a plugin to stop enfold from generating all of the image sizes due to node limitations on my server. I.e. The maximum number of files allowed is about 250,000. Split over several websites I would need to massively increase the number of server packages I currently use to accomodate all of the Enfold sites I run if I had to allow every single enfold image size to generate on each site. I am not sure how you intend on adding responsive image sizes to Enfold but I may have to regenerate all images on every site in order for this to work.

    @webvriend have you tried using Jetpack’s site accelerator? I believe that it automatically picks the best fit for each image size? assuming you have allowed all thumbnails to generate? I have experienced the odd issue with this where it picks the wrong image size for the space available.

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    Sorry not yet. I’ve had a really busy start to the year currently working on 10 enfold websites so not had he chance to for the articles. Also sat nursing our 2 day old baby! Busy what can I say! :)

    I’ve got 5 articles to write each covering a different area. I’ll get them online as soon as I can!

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    Hi Victoria,
    You are a diamond thank you! I did attempt to edit the clear value before but I must have picked up the wrong element.

    I have just realised you specifically set this to work for the SportsPress Team Pages. I really appreciate this thank you.
    If anyone else wants to use this for all posts just remove .sp_team-template-default as below:

    body aside.units.alpha {
      width: 27%;
      clear: none;

    I have seen several people ask for this on the forum, so I am sure this will help others.
    I will share the completed site in the forum once I have finished. Mountains of content left to add yet.

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    Love your use of images and floating flex columns. Looks amazing!

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    Might I suggest doing the bug fixes in stages rather than another cumulative release? Users have complained openly on this page every time you release a new version, other features have been broken by mistake. We then have to wait for another cumulative release instead of a new minor release. The problem isn’t about feature communication as others have suggested, it is about the lack of regular small updates and fixes instead of major releases..

    I love Enfold, it has been instrumental in my day to day business so I just want to help as it is mutually beneficial, I am considering applying for a support role on the forum as it is currently a major part of my work.

    I have to agree with the others about the tabbed and hidden ALB elements. A billion extra clicks for the same function – It actually makes it harder to find the setting you are looking for. I like it as a UX experience for newbies but for those that need to work quickly it is just painful!

    Looking forward to the next release. Thank you all for continuing to develop Enfold. It really is a great platform to work with.

    in reply to: Social Icons not displaying in Widget area after fix #1182350

    This is the workaround for the issue at the moment, not ideal but at least the icons still show and function correctly.

    Yes – I have two new websites running on my test environment with the latest version of Enfold and all looks OK.

    Try the following in the order below:
    – Is the colour of the icons set correctly? Check the shortcode I.e. white on white wont show up.
    -Change the icon settings to open in same window
    -Go into enfold’s performance settings and tick the box at the bottom to delete old style and JS files, click save
    -Then unselect the option and click save.
    -Load a page on your website to regenerate the merged style sheets and JS files.
    -If you use a caching plugin clear the cache.
    -Open an incognito window/private browser window
    -See if the issue is still there

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    Hi Maaikevk,

    See the first post. Change the icon setting to open in same window.

    I believe this issue is fixed in the current version of Enfold though?

    in reply to: Enfold Showcase #1179774

    I’ll share once I have written the articles. Might be a few weeks though, I have another project to launch first and I’ll get writing!

    On a side note – Anyone running WooCommerce will see a drop in performance figures. This is unavoidable due to the weight of the plugin. Have some fun and run a speed test on and see just how many assets each page load pulls in! – I’ve had Woo Commerce sites scoring 80/100 in Google Page Speed Insights Mobile. This is stricter than GT Metrix, which uses an older version of Google’s API.

    Google announced that Chrome would start labelling slow websites later this year – So it is important to consider the scores Google gives your website.

    in reply to: Enfold Showcase #1179761

    Our latest project went live last week for a UK based play equipment, outdoor classroom and outdoor shelter provider.

    Really pleased with how this one turned out. visit. Peak Playgrounds Ltd

    Here are links to websites created in 2019
    Albion Bathrooms, Kitchens and Electricals
    Ashby Aztecs Basketball Club
    Corrugated Beam Form
    Brankley Cattery
    Brankley Cottages
    Derbyshire Refurbished Furniture
    Greenstone Heat Pumps & Underfloor Ltd
    Midland Fire Security Services Ltd
    Midland Rapid Reinforcements Ltd
    Oh Bella Wedding Day Dogs
    Scarab Beacon Dog Safety Light
    SCS Property Maintenance Swadlincote
    S Harrison Electrical
    Think Jarvis Design and Marketing (My company specialising in optimised WordPress Websites)
    Walls4Paws Doggy Daycare and Dog Hotel

    All of the websites above have some bespoke speed and performance settings. Enfold CAN score over 90/100 in Google Pagespeed Insights Mobile with caching, server settings, Jetpack image CDN and some functions.php modifications to prevent certain plugins loading on every page. The more built in enfold features you use, the less optimisation is required – Use the built in contact form where possible and use Recaptcha V2 as it is more efficient than V3 if you do not have a contact form on every page.

    Take a look at the GT Metrix Scores for Think Jarvis (will expire after a few days posted 30/01/2020).

    Would anyone be interested if I created some posts about optimising Enfold? I am planning some blog articles covering Contact Form 7 and Jetpack, so I will share them in the forum if it will help others.

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    in reply to: Enfold – Upcoming fixes #1173234

    Hey Lexa and BigbatT,

    I have not updated yet but just try editing the element and hitting update and then Re-publishing the page, clear performance settings (delete old cached files), Clear cache.

    I had this issue with some mods I made to Slider titles on another site in 4.6. See if the above fixes the problem. My understanding is that the shortcodes may not have been re-processed until you click update/publish after the theme update.

    in reply to: Enfold – Upcoming fixes #1171784

    The last blog post from the 4.6 release. More demos and features on their way.

    I have 20 active installs all with varying features and designs – all running very smoothly. Not really experienced major problems that support couldn’t help me with – Admittedly a few of the recent bugs (Cookie consent bug, contact form captcha bug, instagram feed token change) have been a minor inconvenience but nothing that has massively disrupted my clients websites. I did experience a problem with a particular WordPress Optimised Hosting provider where I could not get Enfold to run smoothly on their NGINX setup. So I moved them to my own server to avoid future problems. I don’t normally recommend WordPress Optimised environments because the hosts take control away from their customers in some scenarios – which breaks complex themes.

    Wasn’t looking for a debate, just saying that the support has been very good so far for specific problems :)

    in reply to: Enfold – Upcoming fixes #1171764

    Must say Enfolds support is very good. But when people ask for things outside of the scope of support and outside of the scope of the theme – Kriesi and team are not responsible for this level of design support. This goes for any WordPress theme.

    The admins go above and beyond in a majority of support cases overstepping the boundary of support and custom web design.

    However I agree that minor bug fixing has been let down this year only because the team are trying to launch a major new release. The workflow would be a nightmare if lots of small changes kept getting made to the core theme while the team is working on a big new release!

    After the new release I am sure the team at Kriesi will focus on bug fixes.

    Keep up the good work guys. Looking forward to the new version!

    Side note:
    Social Icons fix:
    Workaround for the social icons not showing – download the fix file published on one of the other threads by the admins and set social icons elsewhere to open in same window if they still aren’t showing.

    Instagram feed widget not working:
    Download Smash Balloons Instagram plugin – works well and appears to be an efficient plugin (free version). This problem has nothing to do with Enfold – Instagram changed the way access tokens work so not really Kriesi’s fault! Realistically a bit of work required to update the built in feature so expect an update after the new release – will take time to fix.

    Safari cookie control bug:
    Not sure if this one has been fixed yet. I think it has…..

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    Thanks Yigit,

    Can I remove the temporary admin login?

    in reply to: Social Icons not displaying in Widget area after fix #1167411

    Thanks Yigit,
    see private response below. I have disabled caching but left the performance settings in Enfold Enabled.
    A child theme is enabled with some small modifications. Nothing that should affect the shortcode.
    The modified function-set-avia-frontend.php has been installed into the Enfold parent theme as suggested in the other thread.

    The example where linktarget=’_blank’ and it failing is in the blog sidebar. You can see it on the page below underneath the full width content. It says Follow Us Online. There should be 3 social icons below it in black.
    example of problem – – Sidebar is below full width content.

    The white icons in the footer are set to linktarget=” so they are visible as expected but changing them to linktarget=’_blank’ breaks them as well.

    in reply to: Social Icons not displaying in Widget area after fix #1167296

    Sorry I misread your first post.
    I’m not comfortable with providing FTP access to the site at this stage. I only have 1 FTP account which has access to all of my websites.

    I have copied the icon code into the private text box directly from a custom HTML widget.

    when linktarget=’_blank’ the icons do not show.
    when linktarget=” they work just fine.

    in reply to: Social Icons not displaying in Widget area after fix #1167286

    See private comment

    in reply to: Social media icons missing #1167246

    Hi Mike,

    I have opened a new thread.

    It seems to be a problem with the Icon shortcode CSS.

    I used the ICON shortcode from the page builder – When open in new window is selected the icons disappear, if you change this to open in same window the icons reappear.

    This affects all enfold users so you shouldn’t need a login to my websites.

    WORKAROUND: If you change the shortcode setting to open in same window it works. So something is wrong with the CSS when you add open in new window in the icon shortcode.

    in reply to: Enfold – Upcoming fixes #1167005

    Hi Guys, thank you for issuing the temporary fix for social icons.

    The fix for the social icons does not work if you place the shortcode into a widget area.

    Can you look into this?
    I normally place the social icon shortcode into widgets to remove the need for plugins that do the same function. This affects several of my websites. Luckily I have only updated one of them to the latest WordPress version. Very glad I waited!

    WORKAROUND: If you change the shortcode setting to open in same window it works. So something is wrong with the CSS when you add open in new window in the icon shortcode.


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    in reply to: Social media icons missing #1166948

    Hi Mike,

    The fix file does not work if you place the social icons in a sidebar widget. This is something I do for all of my customers as it removes the need to add a plugin to handle social icons.

    Please can you add this to the fix?

    In the meantime, I have only upgraded 1 customer to the latest version of WordPress so I can live with the problem for a few days if necessary.

    in reply to: Release date for 4.6.4 #1158172

    Hi Ismael,

    Yes – Cache purged, deleted old merged files and used incognito mode to test.

    If you clear your browser history (inc cached files) and then try loading your test site you will see the issue.

    I have migrated all of my customers back to my modified version of contact form 7. I am in the middle of 3 other Enfold web projects at the moment so I will get back to you when I get the chance to test this.

    I will need to create a new enfold contact form on a non public page so we can investigate properly. I’ll get back to you shortly.

    in reply to: Release date for 4.6.4 #1156396

    Hi Ismael,
    Thank you for getting back to me.

    1) Thanks, the default privacy settings were set and the issue still occurs.
    The standard math problem is too easily defeated by spam bots. This caused my server’s IP address to be blacklisted (I have 16 installs of Enfold running on a shared server environment all sending spam emails back to customers, this caused the server to be put on a blacklist).

    I had only just moved my customers to the Enfold default contact form because it is 100x more efficient to do it this way. Contact Form 7 – An alternative I would have used before severely reduces the pagespeed scores for any WordPress website. Not just Enfold. I have reverted all of the affected customers back to Contact Form 7, added a function to stop contact form 7 loading on every page and revert back to Google Recaptcha V2. This helps in general but if the website design has a contact form on every page then it will affect the sites overall speed performance. So Enfold’s contact form is the best option for speed and performance – If it works properly!

    2) I will try this workaround and write a response if it works. This affects all installs of Enfold.

    in reply to: Release date for 4.6.4 #1155512

    Hi Baslilis,

    My mail server has just been blacklisted because of spam contact form submissions. I thought this would happen.

    This problem is URGENT and needs a fix now. The only workaround for all customers is to disable the contact forms completely until this is fixed. I hope you understand the severity of this issue for business users of Enfold.

    I now have a huge amount of work to do this morning to get the IP address delisted and the contact forms removed from about 10 websites.

    Please can you answer the two questions asked in the original post above – When will the spam protection be fixed? and when will the cookie message bug be fixed so contact forms work correctly on mobiles and in incognito mode?

    Hi Ismael,
    I’ve just tested this on another site I am working on. Works perfectly.

    Thanks very much, you can close this issue.


    Hi Basilis,

    The form is active on the page in the private link below.

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