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  • Thanks, Kriesi, for listening and responding.

    Thanks to your response and mcr2582, I now better understand the complexities and necessities on the developer’s end. It’s a difficult job, and you do it very well. With improved communication, the sky’s the limit! (This applies to just about anything, I’ve found. : )

    My faith in your themes (which I have always really liked) has been restored and I now feel confident in (and even look forward to) switching to Enfold, knowing It has a ton of great features, and I’ll have quality support for quite a while, and warning when it’s being phased out.

    In the end, my site will be much better for the move.

    Keep on doing great work!


    Thanks for the detailed explanation! It’s all much more complicated than I suspected. As you may have guessed, I’m not a developer except by necessity, but I’m glad to begin to understand why things work the way they do.

    I guess I’m going to rebuild in Enfold because it seems like it will be around for a while, and I do like what it does. I got the impression keeping the last version of WP would be unsafe after a while, and yes, plugins would start to fail, etc.

    Now that I know (a bit about) how these things work, I can be forewarned. But I still think it’s worth looking into… some way to make things easier for migration…even a possible new market. And definitely take out the “surprise! your site is doomed!” element. : )

    How long do you expect your site to be save in WP 4, or whatever version it’s “frozen” in now? What do you think the time frame is for safely getting a new site up?

    Thanks again for all your help!

    One last question: what is the general lifespan of a theme? Anyone?

    mcr2582 — Thanks for your help, but I’m sure I was in that file…in the editor, theme functions. Maybe I had another conflict, as well.

    Thanks Yigit for finally addressing some of my concerns.

    My hosting company helped me roll WP back, so it’s working now. I guess I will have to re-build.

    Still don’t think it’s right – themes (and customer’s investment of time and money) just being dropped, with no notice or facilitation into a new theme. And I really think there’s a market (and a moral argument) for helping customers upgrade (with notice) to new themes. It could be done, and this sort of terrible experience avoided completely. And, at the same time, expand your customer base and build trust in your brand…

    For instance, why not create a child theme that would help old theme users switch over??

    But nobody seems interested.

    So there it is.

    Thanks mcr2582. I tried that in functions in editor and the site broke. I don’t’ know enough about Jquery, etc. Which is why I bought a full blown “premium” theme (that only works for a few years).

    Not getting any help from Kriesi.

    Cannot get slider working.

    Not happy I bought two themes here.

    Is there a theme company that stands by their products? Or at least helps their customers when they decide to drop a theme?

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    Yes, please:

    Are you skimming my questions or ignoring them? This is very frustrating. You still have not answered what I asked.

    I need to know for how many years you will support Enfold. I cannot have this happen again.

    It is not worth it to buy a theme to have my website be useless in a few years, as happened with Avisio. I now have a broken site and a ton of work to do, with no notice. Does this seem fair?

    I understand that you cannot support all themes forever. But letting a theme break without notice, and forcing people to completely re create their websites is another story.

    There are ways you could help your customers, and keep your customers.

    Is there an easy way to move from avisio to enfold?

    Hey Basilis,

    YES, CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME FIX THE SLIDER ON MY SITE? The recommended fixes haven’t worked. I sent log in info.

    Did you read what I posted before? The slider has been down for a week now. I have an active business, I can’t have the site broken because you decided not to support the theme any longer with no notice.

    This is terrible! We should not be forced to completely re-build our sites to keep them working. I only built it 6 years ago! I paid for your theme not knowing it had a shelf life….

    I bought Enfold, but I do not have time to rebuild my site right now. And why should I rebuild in Enfold, when you will probably just drop it in 5 years?

    How can you sell a product and then drop active users of it with no warning?

    Unless you have some way to transfer Avisio to Enfold, which would be the responsible way to do things.

    I cannot be the only person affected. If this is the way you work, I feel I cannot trust your products.

    Please just help me get my site working right now, so I can figure out what to do.

    Yes, please! HELP with avisio and WP 4.5. After updating to WP 4.5, my slider broke. I saw a reply (which I cannot find now) saying to switch to Enfold, as Avisio is no longer supported…but surely you’re joking and we don’t have to completely re-create our websites because you’ve decided to drop Avisio?

    Surely your products don’t become useless after a few years, FORCING us to rebuild our sites? Surely this is not possible. I mean, maybe you stop making it better, but you have to keep it working, no?????

    I own Enfold, but don’t have time to re-do the website which my business very much needs right now (and without notice!) This is terrible. I hope I’ve misunderstood. Please help!!!

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    Worked perfectly. Never woulda figured that one out alone. Thank you Ismael!

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    Beautiful themes and nicely organized site…I’ve been using avisio quite happily for nearly a year now. But now…

    I have tried over and over to change the height of my header to accommodate a larger logo, (including the code below) and nothing works. It works when i do it in inspect element in the browser, but when i put the code in the child theme css, nada.


    position: relative;

    z-index: 100;

    overflow: visible;



    As you can see, the logo is overlapping into the slider. Not good.

    Please help??

    Thanks very much,


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