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    Answering like this you make me angry! You always reply and answer as parrot in this topic. I get so angry that I just want to write in big letters!

    Your nonsense and disrespectful repetitive answers make me too angry.

    And also why are you answering, though Devin said that this topic tagged to Kriesi?

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    In the other hand: The sizes of second pictures are: 3200 x 1200. As you know the 1200 is bigger than 320. Isn’t it? Though it’s bigger than 320, WP did not squeeze it to slider’s frame. WHY?

    Also from your answer I understand that you did not have a look to the pictures that I gave the links.

    PN: The sizes of pictures with sheeps are not 700 x 320 , It is 3200 x 1200. I resized some pictures 700 x 320 at once to try how is it seen in slider. May be you look at that time on my site. But it was days ago and it stays only for 2-3 minutes like that. After then I replaced the original one: 3200 x 1200 px.

    But it seems that you don’t read me, you don’t look at the actual sit. You enter only the texts/answers that you prepared before.

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    Be sure that I understand you Dude, but you don’t! You did’nt read me, I believe that. By answering like this, you proof that you did not read me!

    I asked and I am still asking: Look at the 5th and 6th pictures in slider. They are exactly the same pictures. Also the sizes are the same:


    But as you can see the views in slider and thumbnails are different. WHY?

    First answer this!!!

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    Please look at this site which uses Newscast (I don’t know what skin it it uses): (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -europa-park-rust/

    And please look at the bottom of footer. You’ll see this:

    I just want a menu like this at the bottom of footer where I can add menu items “terms of use”, etc.

    Do you have an idea how this customer of you had done this? I contacted with the site but could not take an answer.

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    Hey Nick,

    And you read my messages? Did you read what I’m saying? I wrote 5 messages after you. Did you read all of them carefully? I think not. Your answer shows that you do not read me, you do not understand what I am saying or you do not care or you are not sincere and friendly or all of them.

    I only want you to tag this problem Kriesi. Don’t say me the same things as a parrot. OK? I see that you are not friendly in this problem.

    Fix my problem or if you could not, tag to Kriesi, let him know this problem! Don’t say anymore!

    Thanks for that, but I also want you to fix this problem or to convey (tag) the problem to Kriesi:

    No one answered and interested yet.

    As the owner of site I can decide if it is a problem or not, not onyone else. You are not Turkish, for you it is not problem may be. But in Turkish we read different the character I and İ. So it is a serious problem. If you really sorry, than re-open the topic you closed and let Kriesi know the problem. I don’t believe the words anymore. I want to see the action.

    Look here please Ismael: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -poperly

    This topic is closed without solution. Also I said before: If you couldn’t solve it, why don’t you ask it to Kriesi then?

    Also read the 2nd message from last (reverse) beginnig please:

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    This is for you from WP: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -for-wpdb-prepare/

    I don’t understand the technical explaination.

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    Hey Nick,

    I trusted you. Why did you closed the other topic without solution? (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -poperly

    You said everyone even Devin, takes seriously me in this forum but as closing that topic you showed that you don’t my firend.

    You really disappointed me Nick.

    In the othe hand, should I believ your expeience or just mine that I see?

    I tried in all browsers-even phone Samsung Galaxy S II- and I just see the right one in IE9. Her is it:

    View post on

    The difference of yours and mine could be from that we are using IE9 in different languages. As I am saying it has seen properly in my IE9 bowser, why does Devin try to proof opposite of my saying? What for? He isn’t using mine? I am using here. Did he try to proof that I am lying? So why should I appologize to him?

    (Don’t say that “may be the problem is from language difference?”. I use the Turkish versions of all browsers. Though this, I have poblem with all of them except IE9)

    You should trust my (our) experience(s). You should refer the customers experiences, not your own. Because we will use it, not you.

    And if you are thinking that the problems is over than you could fix it, why don’t you tell this problems to Kriesi himself as the creator of theme? May be he could fix it?

    I remember someone else from moderators asked me why did I not say all of my issiues at once, so may be it has been solved in a couple of hours. As you see, you could not fix 2 of my issiues at once. If I tell all of them at once what could you do?

    I’m sorry to say it, but I must:

    Because of you closed the topic without solution, I think you leave in the lurch me, I think fudged me, not to try fixing problems sincerely.

    PS: Please do not answer before reading all of my writings in this topic before. Also I do not want rhetoric, I just want exactly the solution, as soon as possible. I only can believe your sincerely by this way.

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    If I upload a picture under some sizes (I don’t know what the limits are), then we can see preview of “Featurd Image” in admin panel, but this time the whole of pictures don’t squeeze in frame: (5th picture from left in slider) This picture also doesn’t squeeze in slider’s frame.

    But I uploaded exactly the same picture before and its “Featured Image” preview in admin panel is like sthat: (6th picture in slider from left) This picture squeezes in slider’s frame.

    And if we compare them in main page, we can see the thumbnails below: (The upper one belongs to 5th picture in slider and the one below belongs to the 6th)

    So as you see, in a very recent past we used to use this feature normally, properly. But now not.

    I want it using it properly as I could do before.

    I think, I am not wanting too much and a thing that is not my right.

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    Hi guys (also Devin),

    I wrote to WP forums and they directed me to this page: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) ?replies=4

    I could not undestand what they mean. It is too complicatd and technical for me to understand.

    So let me remind something:

    You said me choose big pics to upload. Then I asked you, I uploaded 2 pictures exactly almost the same at different times (5th and 6th pics in slider, 908×262 px)

    But they seem different. I asked “why?” and you do not say anything about this question. Do you?

    When I wrote to WP forums they blamed themes (they say, may be the theme is not compatible with WP 3.5), when I wrote to you, you blamed WP. I’m not really interesting who is the source of problem. I just want to see it it has been exactly fixed yet.

    Therefore I want you to check your themes compatiblity with WP 3.5 and contact with WP moderation. Because I couldn’t understand their technical jargon.

    You adviced me to upload big pictures. As you know, this is not the real solution. Because I uploaded small sized pictures in past and it works.So why isn’t working now?

    And let me see what happens if I upload big sized pics:

    View post on

    It is the admin panel of my WP. The pictures sizes are: 5311×3541 px.

    And as you see the “preview” of “Featured Image” of this picture in my admin panel, the picture is overflowed and doesn’t squeeze in any frame and only a little piece of it causes this. Though I decreased the page, we can’t see whole of the picture here.

    But as a result, It seems properly in slider and main page thumbnail:

    So you may say “what is the problem then? Use it like this?”

    I say there is still 3 problems:

    1- If I resize all pictures to this size, I can force my pages limits in a short time.

    2- İn lightboxes pictures couldn’t seen at once as a reasonable size.

    3- I used to use this feature without trouble till 1 months ago. So I know how is it working in normal. I want it working in normal again.

    So I want you to fix it as it should be. Don’t fudge me with pseudo and palliative solutions.

    I think I am clear enough. Am I?

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    Bon apetit first of all :)

    I am outside now. 4-5 hours later perhaps I can send the writings to you that will show you what to to do…It’s about wordpress moderation’s explaination.

    I do not understand techniqual terms, I just want my features working properly and fine. As a paraphrase I understand they say that may be the theme is not compatible with WP 3.5. Please read the explaination and then say what must have been done.

    As saying to me “use big pictures” you have to explain my question: Why are the same sized same picture looked like different then?

    If you read all my messages here, you must know that the issue is not only squeezing in slider, but also about squeezing in mainpage thumbnails (the pictures near the posts I mean) and the thumbnail in my WP admin panel featured image metabox.

    PS: If it is so, please contact with the WP moderators and check that if Newscast is available/compatible with WP 3.5. The best way “to understanding the source of the problem is not theme” is this I think.

    Please Devin, do not write an answer though you will say that you are sorry or you are appologizing to me. You are annoying me. Please far away from me.

    Hey guys…

    Isn’t there anyone except Devin there? Why should I always to be addressed with him? He always misunderstands me. And he do not fix problems, issues I have. If I have just one problem, by addressing him my problems become double.

    Should I always tell the problem at the beginning though the 10th message in topic while Devin interfering the problem?

    Where is Ismael? Where is Nick? Where is Dude?

    Devin. Should I beg you to not take care of my issues and problems? You always misunderstood and after that I try to tell clearly. Be sure that everone except you in moderation understand this issue clearly. First of all you should read every post in topic. If you could not understand then take help from your other friends (remember me advicing freelancer developer. So I advice you to take help from your friends, I think it is more merciful advice).

    I think you are appointed to make me angry. Please my friend. I beg you at last.. Please be far away from my problems.

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    But there were no bug before. The pictures are the same as you see. So why becomes this problem? Also the only problem is not thumbnail as you see. The problem is also it does not squeeze in slider. And you did not say anything about this issue?

    PS: I tried the plugin you adviced, it doesn’t work.

    Here it is a sample:

    And the user is also a member here.

    This site uses also Newscast. The alphabet used in slider is Greek alphabet. It seems properly. Though it could in Greek, why not in Turkish?

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    I uploaded the same picture to my medias in WP. It is just the same picture. Th sizes are the same and the size is 908×262 pixels.

    Only diffrence is that, the 6 th picture was uploaded by me on November 21st 2012 (I was using WP 3.4.2), and the 5th picture is uploaded today (January 8th, 2013, I am using now WP 3.5).

    As you can see clearly I changed the the 5th picture in slider. Compare them carefully. You can see that the fifth one looks closer and it doesn’t squeeze as the 6th.

    Also you can compare them thumbnails in main page front.

    And also you can see the differences here:

    Here is it the 6 the pictures’s seen in my personal WP’s interface in “Featured image” box:

    And hr it is the 5th picture’s seen in my personal WP’s interface “Featured image” box:

    Now say it it is normal. Can you say yes?

    I know all of you except Devin, understand me, bu he doesn’t.

    Also I realize that the 2nd picture (with sheeps) is not normal and it was uploaded by me ( while I werre using WP 3.4.2, at the date December 4th 2012)

    So we could not say that the problem is just the WP 3.5

    So is there a mismatch btween the theme and WP?

    What is just the problem and how could we fix it? First of all try to understand what I’m saying, then please help.

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    Ok Nick.. I trust you… :)

    Hi Nick,

    I don’t want a solution “looks like” or “nearly the same”, I want “just the same”. I want the other browsers opening as IE9.

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    Is there anyone else except Devin to answer me in logical without waiting 20 hours. I prefer quickly…

    PS: If Devin does anything like he did above, I’ll complaint him to Kriesi. He did not read what the problem is before answering. It happened to me before and he again did not read me. Another probability is worse than this situation. I wrote that one post previous.

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    Are you joking? I think you wrote just not to hang the 1 day time limit. Devin, please don’t answer me. Let the others answer me. You couldn’t understand my problem yet or you are making a trick as I write one sentence before. By writing this you think you get one more 24 hours to answer. Please Devin.. please.. especially you.. please don’t aswer me you. OK? I think you are not well-intentioned.

    If you read me and you did not understand me, so didn’t you read your moderator partners before in this topic? How insensitive could you be like that?

    Are you just waiting 20 hours for only witing this? If you will have been writing this, then why are you waiting 20 hours to answer?

    PS: Though the 2nd picture squezes in slider, its thumbnail doesn’t squeeze as you see…

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    PS: Though the 2nd picture squezes in slider, its thumbnail doesn’t squeeze as you see.

    I don’t think so. Because the browsers except IE9 show all Turkish sepcial characters out of slider. You may look at them in Chrome for example. If you open my site by using Chrome, you can read the menu items which includes Turkish special characters, but you can’t read the slider as it should be.

    So am I the first one who finds/discovers this problem? Isn’t there Spanish; Greek, Russian or Japanese customer who uses special characters?

    Is the theme adjusted only for English users? Kriesi himself, isn’t he Austrian? I know there is special characters in German also?

    I think you could fix it. Couldn’t you?

    If it is useful, I can send you Turkish alphabet in minuscule and majuscule.

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    Sometimes I write fastly and make typos. I mean decreasing the sizes of sub-menu boxes. The black one. How can we decrease the sizes of these boxs?

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    Hey Dude,

    Please compare the sizes of first, fourth and the sixth pictures in slider. They all have the same size: 908×262

    But only the first one does not squeeze. Also there isn’t any problem at the 4th and 6th pictures thumbnails. And theres is also problem with the first pictures thumbnail.

    Why? Though the sizes are the same why becomes this problem?

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