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  • Try emptying your cache. I thought I was having the same issue until I did that. BTW, when I looked at your site it worked fine. Nice work!

    Hi Devin,

    All I can is…you guys ROCK! Thanks so much. I’m a WP novice and the Angular theme makes me look like a pro! FYI, I created a temporary slider using Angular’s shortcodes to replace the other slider. So I still looked like pro.

    Next time I’ll check here first—lessons learned the hard way are always the most valuable :)

    Thanks for the tip on the Theme Forest settings. Didn’t have that checked.

    Tell Christian thanks. I greatly appreciate all the hard work that comes with maintaining the themes.



    in reply to: Self Hosted HTML5 Video not working #94716

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks so much for all of your help and work towards this issue. The tip about the images referencing localhost was a BIG help—my first experience developing on localhost and transferring to a server!

    Unfortunately I still can’t get the videos to play in FF—not sure about IE because I don’t have a windows system. Not so much of a worry about IE as my client’s customers are art directors, mainly on Mac, but I think a lot use FF as their browser so this is a bummer to not be working.

    What’s happening is that the mediaelements plugin doesn’t appear to create a flash forward file nor does it load either the OGV or WEBM format but is instead loads the MP4 file when viewing it in FF 17. It only plays the audio portion of the MP4 file—the rest is a black screen—perhaps the audio of mp4 is compatible with FF?

    I know with some HTML5 players you need to include a swf version in the html code but I thought the point of mediaelements.js is that a script creates a swf file so it will “flash forward” on non-html5 browsers.

    I’m not the only one having this issue. Just do a google for mediaelements.js audio only…I’ve done some research but haven’t come up with anything that fixes it.

    Not sure why it’s working on your end and not mine. I’m doing everything correctly and have the htaccess set up with the MIME types. Thinking it might be a server issue (on GoDaddy). It works brilliantly on localhost. Or it’s conflicting with the theme maybe?

    What server did you test the ggogle video sample you created—is it hosted on your own testing server or a remote hosted server? Another thought is perhaps Bullet Proof security plugin is conflicting with mediaelements.js. I am loathe to disable that just for the videos. At this point I’m coming up with a work around so if people can’t view it they can click a link to a webm format or an ogv format of the video.

    I don’t have the expertise to figure this out. But in FF using Firebug this was the error I kept getting when I click to play:

    This is the video on the Front page:

    [22:11:59.932] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 763ms]

    [22:12:00.671] Error in parsing value for ‘pointer-events’. Declaration dropped. @

    [22:12:00.767] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 105ms]

    [22:12:00.768] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 483ms]

    [22:12:11.609] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 32376ms]

    [22:12:12.110] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 210ms]

    This is what happens on the portfolio item page:

    [22:16:23.088] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK]

    [22:16:28.765] GET [HTTP/1.1 304 Not Modified 106ms]

    [22:16:29.024] Error in parsing value for ‘pointer-events’. Declaration dropped. @

    [22:16:38.377] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK]


    in reply to: Self Hosted HTML5 Video not working #94713

    Hi Nick,

    I’ve seen your video and I have followed your instructions exactly as written. I even tried it again before responding. It is NOT WORKING on Firefox. It works on Safari, chrome, iPhone, iPad.

    You can see the preview image on all browsers, because you need to click twice to get to the video in this theme. I know other people were complaining about this problem and I can live with that but really need it to play on Firefox.

    Here’s what’s happening:

    On Firefox you can hear the audio but not see the video. There’s just a black screen with the controls. If you look at my site on both firefox and safari to compare, you can see that they are loading the same way except that on firefox something is blocking the video portion.

    Need you to look at this, please.



    in reply to: Self Hosted HTML5 Video not working #94711

    Ok. I figured out what to do with No. 1. After manually typing (cut and paste from a txt doc will not work) external link. I hit Update. THen I clicked Show and added a preview image from Media. Clicked on Update again and then Clicked on Vew Portfolio Item et voila! the video showed up. If you cut and paste the external link it would not work…Pretty sure the View Portfolio Entry step was what I did 3 weeks ago.

    Still not showing up on Firefox—NEED SUPPORT HELP THERE. Along with the background image not viewing. Thanks!

    in reply to: Self Hosted HTML5 Video not working #94710

    Got my site on a live server and the HTML5 self hosted videos are not functioning. Very frustrating to have support say this is working when obviously it is not judging by all the comments up here.

    Here’s what is happening:

    1. On SOME of my video PORTFOLIO items I was able to upload the .mp4 file and insert the “preview/poster” image as outlined in your directions and the video you posted in response to another member’s query… BUT on a few of them, following the EXACT SAME STEPS as outlined in your directions the “preview” image blocks the video file so when you access the portfolio item it’s just the static .jpg. No film icon shows up. No video is accessible. FAIL. FYI, This is what was happening to me before when I posted 3 weeks ago. I don’t understand why it works sometimes. Unfortunately I don’t know what I did to get it to work last time—I think it just started working again.

    2. The other BIG PROBLEM is that with the videos that do show up only the audio plays on Firefox. It’s a black video screen on those browsers—the controls are there just no visuals. They play on Chrome, Safari, iPad and iPhone. I’ve added the correct info to the .htaccess file as well. Nothing would play until I did that.

    3. Also, is there anyway I can get the videos to preload?

    4. Background image of my site does not show up in Chrome or Firefox.

    Can you please take a look.

    It’s a great looking theme. Just really need the videos to be self hosted.

    Hope you can figure this out. Thanks!

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