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    I reached out to Envato yesterday, and they told me to reach out to you about the issue. I just told them I already did that. We’ll see what happens now I guess.

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    Thank you very much for the quick response. I’ll reach out to them regarding the issue.

    Thanks again!

    Thank you Josue, that worked very well. Appreciate the help.


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    Hi Ismael,
    You guys are great, nice to be back. The site is in maintenance mode right now. We are still under development I can shut it off so you can take a look.

    Very simple issue. I can “fix” the problem by changing the Background Image to “————–” or none in the “styling” background image selection area. That is how we have the site set up now. This results in no SSL problems on the checkout page.

    If you could tell us where the backround image is called from in the theme we could change the call from http:// to https:// that will solve the problem. We have other images on the checkout page of credit cards and checks. They are called from https://


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    Thank you I woke up overnight thinking about that option. To be honest we have to delay upgrades on that plugin, often bugs exist for a few revisions.

    So no you did not miss anything, I did…

    Thanks for your help. Especially the extremely prompt response and personal service!

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    Done, sent through the website when I made the user.

    I did the 1.6 not the 1.4 let me know if you need that.

    Thank you for your kind help.

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    Well I turned on the most important plugin first Cart66. With Choices 1.6 and Cart66 turned on JSON error is there and the screen greys out when trying to add an image to the slide show.

    The entire intent of this site is ecommerce.

    We have a testbed running Choices version 1.4 in maintenance mode that does not have this problem, it is running Cart66. Sounds like a solution (a bad one) would be to go back to 1.4.

    If I change to a default WP theme for testing I think I loose the settings on yours. If not let me know I can do that as a test.

    I will do further testing and report back. We bought a similar theme from another developer on Themeforest, I will upload and try that. Just for testing information. You guys have been so good over the years, I want to stay with a Kriesi product.

    I deleted Choices from the server completely. Then re-uploaded 1.6 Choices. That solved the problem.

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    Clearly I have a lot of learning to do on this theme. It was right in front of my face…

    Thank you for your outstanding help. Also for not making fun of me. :)

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    Yes, I understand the big image need. Our shop is very image based (thus our name ImageAbility) the issue I struggle with is the cropping and aspect ratio problems. But back to the question on this thread.

    I set up a dynamic template with nothing in it. Assigning it to the page eliminates all the content I have in that page now, not just the preview image. I would have to set up a template and enter information for all our pages as different templates. Am I missing something? I must be it must be so simple it is looking back at me.


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    Thanks Devin, let me take a look at that. Sounds simple enough. Better than the code changes we have made in the past with Newscast to do the same thing.

    I have to tell you though, I am having a hard time getting my hands around the image management issue. I think we need a “thumbnails for dummy’s guide, but that would be another thread.

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    I sent Devin an email with a login. Since then I did find a CSS fix for this if others need it. .slideshow_container {
    display: none;

    So for others by adding these two changes to your custom.css file it will remove the feature images from above your post when you select a individual post from anywhere on the site, or in the blog section of the site. You can still enter a featured image and it will be used in elements and they will show up in related entries under the post.

    in reply to: Contact Form 7 width control #93375

    Thank you Ismael, I should have figured that out on my own. I have made a note and will not have to ask again.


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    I did find this but if it can be done in css I think it would be better than hacking the source php. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -featured-images

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    That took care of the image in the posts when you look at them individually. We still have them in the blog section. I would assume I substitute something where “.single-post” is. I should know this but looking around I can not come up with it.

    I guessed “.blog-meta” but that was not it. “.post-entry” no good too.

    Also the quick CSS where do they go? I thought they would be in the custom.css but I don’t see my attempts above there.

    Thanks in advance again for your help.

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    Yes that is what I have, except that the image is a portrait image very tall, not a nice wide screen like that. Plus once we hand this over to the end user, they will have no idea what aspect ratio is or how to resize so the image works. For that reason I am thinking just do not have the feature image in the post, unless it is added manually. But we do want them on the home page, in a “columns” element attached to categories so the newest stories (posts) of different types are on the front page.

    I think I recall doing something like this to Newscast, or wanted to do this and never asked.

    Let me try that fix. By the way, your Quick CSS feature is great, I don’t mind editing the source or custom.css, or making a child theme however, making changes possible in the theme options section was a great idea by your team.

    That did it simple fix! Surprised I could not find this when searching before I asked. I would think many would like this feature.

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    Thanks Ismael, we bought the Choices theme too. Just setting up a new site with it. We have the site under maintenance mode as it is an upgrade to a existing (but dormant) site. I got Devins email but did not need to use it. I can send you a user id if you like.

    This is the last step in formatting for us we have figured out everything else now. Sorry I can not open it up, once we get this issue solved, with our associates approval we will post the link.

    in reply to: Best size for preview image and post title #91850

    We got this on our own, thank you for the kind offer. What we did was to set the Logo/Partner List images to 205 by 205 that way they work fine and fit in the space.

    Spending the weekend on Choices is helping to understand what is possible and how to do it a bit more.

    Now off to see the best image size and aspect ratio for the slider.

    in reply to: Form on two different pages, two different forms #93224

    Thanks Ismael!


    in reply to: Remove Feature image from post #93214

    A follow up information, we are using the latest posts as the main page, and have a news page that is the normal “blog” page. I just reset the Reading to home page as a static page and “news” as the blog page. Now we have two images on the blog page.

    The standalone post page (single) has one huge image at the top. We would want to remove that.

    Can the template builder affect all the posts. I see how to assign a template to every post when it is written but that will require our end user to assign that. All posts will be the same.

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    Sorry for the delay, we got pulled off this project and on to another. The one I am working on is in maintenance mode, I can not open that to the public yet since it is a replacement website. I could set up a test bed that you can get into where I can reproduce what I am working on.

    Or I can email a user id and password so you can get in to see it. This would be preferred as it will take less time.

    I am pouring through the documentation, using the product and reading the support forum trying to get smart. Working on silly little things, if I can not figure those issues out I will ask in another question.

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    We are just testing, Right now 3 columns. When we started using newscast we standardized on one slider, We all know to make the featured image 700×320.

    Thinking on this overnight, we could use your demo content and do screen captures then measure them in Photoshop. Although it would be nice to find some way to automate it. While our designers can adjust every image, an end user posting something just wants to upload it and not be concerned with size. Many don’t even understand the concept.

    in reply to: Form works fine in Choices but does not work in Newscast #90302

    I am going to close this and ask somewhere else, this is not as related to the issue. I will use a keyword “Remove Widgets” so once we find a solution it will be available to others.

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    Devin or another staff member, I need some urgent help.

    We upgraded the Cart66 we added the call for the footer. Now we are having a problem with the page not being secure. This is because of the items that are called in the footer, they are not on the secure side.

    How can we turn off the footer in a way that is appropriate?

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    Thank you Devin,

    I did think it may have been something we did wrong at some point and went back to our earliest backup. It did not have the footer call in it.

    Thanks too for the input on choices. We only have a few hours into it customizing, that part works good, it’s the quality SEO and performance I am concerned about.

    The Ecommerce site we use this on is growing, we need to be sure all that works right.

    in reply to: Form works fine in Choices but does not work in Newscast #90298

    I thought this was closed like my last question on this same issue. So glad to see it still open! I did select “not resolved” when I last left, your system may reopen it when that is done.

    As is our practice we like to come back and report the solution since likely other users will be running in to the problem.

    First let me say THIS WAS A NEWSCAST PROBLEM, excuse me for screaming but I have been working on it for months. I have asked for assistance here at least 3 times. Each time the topic has been closed so I can not continue the conversation. With staff or with other users to find a solution.

    The theme file fullwidth.php was missing get_footer(); so the footer and all the things it needs to do was never being called. We use fullwidth.php on our checkout page to keep the sidebar from displaying. This keeps us from having https errors on this secure page.

    Adding the get footer code to the end of the fullwidth.php file solves the problem of the form not displaying the ship to address. We of course do not see this problem in other pages with forms because the page.php file has get_footer(); in it.

    <br />
    <?php<br />
    get_sidebar();<br />
    get_footer();<br />
    ?><br />

    The end of the file should look as it does above to work correctly for those that may have this problem.

    Newscast Errors

    First let me say we are a fan of Newscast, it is just what we were looking for and support has been reasonable most of the time.

    However, the page load time is slow compared to other themes we use. Seconds, as long as 4-5 as compared to less than half a second on much busier websites of ours with other themes. We have read in the forum here analysis that it is a “dirty” theme.

    The Cart66 people indicated the following to me when they helped to solve the problem.

    “Basically this theme is not very well designed. There are hundreds maybe even thousands of undefined indexes here. The biggest issue is that the footer was not even included in the template for this site.”

    They were right, it was left out. I checked on Theme Forest and Kresi has sold between 1M and 2M$ there. That alone would tell me the Cart66 comment was wrong, if it were not for what we found here on this problem.

    If the theme needs to be retired, and it looks like it will need to be for us that is fine. We got more than our moneys worth out of it. We are testing Choices, but don’t know enough to analyze it and know it is a good theme that will not have these issues. I would not mind reassurance from Kresi and the team, “yes that is a good move, change over (upgrade) to choices.”

    We have already bought it, it’s not about the money it’s about the time.

    I look forward in continuing to ask questions, to provide solutions when I can and participate in a community with a great product.

    in reply to: Two Menus, Choices socket menu (no dropdown) #89594


    I found it, the menu is at the bottom of the page under our online chat button.

    I have to say, what is it doing there? Can it be put at the top above or below the main menu?

    in reply to: Menu Selections Limited #84524

    We just installed two plugins that provide the flexibility to solve the problem.

    “Add Descendants As Submenu Items”

    “CMS Tree Page View”

    The first takes us back in time to produce a hybrid of menu systems. As long as you selected what was the parent menu in the post (redundant with the GUI menu system) you can select a box that indicates “Automatically add all descendants as submenu items” This provides for the standard WP menu system for the top menu’s and the old way of selecting child and parent menus in the post. This reduces the number of menu’s to well below our limit of 90 per menu strip.

    The second provides a “at a glance look” at what your menu system is set up as with the parent child relationship settings in your pages. Although ours through legacy were mostly done, it allows you to fix any that are in the wrong order.

    This fix provides the ability to conserve system resources and to not have to call your host for an increase in the suhosin variable.

    Hope this information saves someone the days it took us to understand and fix the problem should you have the same issues.

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    Thanks for your attention. We continue to work this. More testing and search for work different solutions today. We will share it here should it help others.

    We were mislead a bit by the fact that 20-10 has one menu system and Newscast has two menu systems. If readers of this thread go to the start you can see the odd situation where we had 250+ menu selections. One day a tech here moved one and we lost all but 90 in each menu bar. Menu1 had 90, Menu 2 had 90. Trying to add a menu, if you saved it would not add the menu. If you added a menu and put it higher in the menu system the last menu would be deleted. For us the 90 limit was hard. Research has found for others this can be as low as 16, bit more often the limit is between 60 and 90.

    Checking again, 20-10 only would allow 90 (it was a different menu set than Newscast was allowing) it just jumbled up the 90 menu items it allowed looking like it supported more. When we counted it came to 90.

    We bought and installed another authors (modern, 2 days old ver. 1.0) to see if it would help. We had to rebuild the menu system (we moved this to another part of the shared server we are on for development) when we hit 91 it would not take it. That took us back to our research.

    In the wordpress development trac we found this is a known (but clearly not published well) problem. Depending on the host, if they have it set up for security and performance issues to limit the number of functions you are stuck. So if you can not get them to increase the suhosin variable you can not get any more than the limit they have set.

    Some users have been able to add “php_value max_input_vars 2000” to the .htaccess file. In my case that did not work it just created a server error. I expect my host has restricted that.

    Interesting, Newscast actually allows us to double the number of menu items. Since we can have 90 in each menu we get 180! The only reason I can come up with for getting up to 250+- is our tech was setting up menu’s and never did a save till the end. Then months later when she moved one it had to process all the menus on save and invoked the limit. But without further testing a guess on our part.

    It appears this is not a limit to the menus, it is a limit to how many you can save at once. The menu system is rather clunky, ok for a few menu’s but not a complex system.

    The attitude on the trac is positive and wanting to help. However, some argue that you should never need this many menu’s. I remember a bug I found in 1989 on disk drives. The software we were running would not work on a drive larger than 40meg (yes that is not a typo they were that small.) The developer told me when they developed the software they never thought a drive any bigger would be made, that was the reason for the limit.

    So while people may not be using many menu items today, they will in the future. More and more WP is being used as Content Management system. they will need to fix this problem in the future.

    Some trac contributors indicate the group is small that is having this problem, so it need not be fixed. They are right the group is small since not many look to have so many menu items. Still WP was based on simple good clean code (we started with ver. 1.2) they need clean menu code.

    I am going to continue our testing and provide all that data on the trac with the hopes that it helps to update the menu system on the backend of WordPress.

    We are also trying some plugins and hacks to split up the menus so our server can swallow them when we save them.

    More to come,


    P.S. I felt bad buying a theme from someone else, we love Newscast and the support here has always been very good. It did help with our testing so was worth the money.

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    Thank you Ismael for your menu answer on Choices, I did not get a chance to say that since we were working parallel paths on the menu problem. I am going to add what we have learned so far to the Newscast posting, should it help others.


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