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  • Hi Ismael,

    It happens on any image I now add to any of the slideshows. The only discernible difference I can see is that I now have the option when uploading the image to have ti at full size, medium or small. Previously, I only had full size and the others were greyed out and unclickable. The full size option on both the old and new is 600 x 380px though. So they should be identical. I can go through all the site and idd the images again, this would presumably mean the resizing happened on all images. However, I don’t know what’s changed, so if I do that and then it changes again, I’ll be left needing to redo all the pictures again. It’s a really weird issue.

    Many thanks,


    Hi Ismael,

    That has an effect, but the result is that the height is reduced to about 200px (roughly)and all the portfolio images on the main portfolio site are squashed too. Note, I’ve not put it up on the site because the site is live. Do you have ideas? Really appreciate you time here. Thanks, Sam

    That’s odd – works at this end… please try… Many thanks, Sam.

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    I’m using angular. Thanks,Mya.

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    Hi Mya,

    I’ve manged to come up with a sort of solution by applying a negative not top-margin to the subtitle.

    That’s worked in terms of positioning it underneath the title. However, as a it’s not technically placed inside the title div and so it takes up no space. Therefore the grey bottom border does not expand with it. Could you tell me how to add additional padding to the title to get it to push the bottom border lower down, without affecting other pages?

    Many thanks,


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    Hi Mya,

    That line isn’t in my loop-portfolio-single php. There is something similar in my single-portfolio.php file:


    echo “<h2>”.get_the_title(avia_get_the_id()).”</h2>”;


    echo “<h3>”.get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘ecpt_subtitle’, true). “</h3>”;


    Try as i might, I simply cannot get that second h3 subtitle above the line. it looks like there is some styling on the h2 title that includes the horizontal line. I simply cannot find that anywhere. This is the last thing I need to do before getting this site done and live – please could you offer any other suggestions.



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    Hi Devin,

    I’m nearly there. I’ve created a custom Meta Box and called it into my single-portfolio.php file. all working great, except, I can’t pull it up into the title area. Here’s my example:

    How do i pop it up under the title like on all the other pages?



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    Sorted. Not to worry. Thanks, anyway.

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    HI Chris,

    The top banner stays closed when clicked closed – even on subsequent visits. But when any new visitor visits the site, it opens – try clearing you cache and then revisiting. It must be a relatively simple fix to have it closed all the time, unless clicked?



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    Did anyone get to see how i make my single portfolio page responsive – as asked above. Any help would be really welcome. Cheers, Sam

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    HI Devin,

    Thanks for the advice. I’ve decided to exactly as you suggest and just use longer pictures. The portfolio page actually looks quite smart in portrait form. I wonder if you could tell me how to get my single client page now to act responsively – my quick css changes seem to have broken it.

    Many thanks,


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    Hello Ismael,

    Thank you for your reply and I honestly don’t mind paying for some support, as this is a larger customisation that is required. Either way, I am very grateful for your time and support.

    This is my existing page:

    All I’ve done to create this is added the following code to the quick css:


    body.single-portfolio .container .eight.units {
    float: right;
    width: 290px;
    body.single-portfolio .container .four.units {
    margin-left: 0;
    width: 610px;

    As you can see, the portfolio slideshow images are small and still in landscape. I’d like to make this page look something like this:

    With that image down the left being a slideshow. However, i don’t want this to affect the layout of this page: – which I’m happy with (other than some of the pictures being too short.

    Or to not affect the home page slideshow:

    I have thought of a couple of ways of doing this. I could adjust the template not to include the featured images slideshow and just have normal right-sidebar pages with custom sidebars for each post. and a separate slider in the custom sidebar. this would work, but i don’t know how to make custom sidebars for each post.

    Equally i wonder if i could create dynamic templates for each post perhaps?

    I’m wondering if there is a more simple solution. The additions to additions above to my quick css mean that the page is not not on a fluid responsive grid like before – please try making the browser window small on this page to see:

    Do you have any suggestions as to how i could achieve the same look as the jpg and also have the portfolio main page not overly affected?

    I’d appreciate any help you can give me on this. it the last thing I need to do before finalising the content and launching.

    The template is great too. thanks.


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    That work brilliantly! Is there any way to have it auto cycle through each of the projects?

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