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    Thanks, that worked perfectly!

    Here’s the link:

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    Thanks you’re amazing Josue! Two more points please:

    1) The code you gave me:

    .catnav li, .catnav li a{
    border-right: 0;

    Has removed the divider bars between each second menu item, but there are 3 left – on the left, right and across the bottom. Can I remove these too?

    2) Is it possible to replace just the white parts of the background with either an image or color?

    I’ve tried editing the white part of the bg file ( but that only replaces a small segment of the white background in the top section.

    Ideally I want to use a fixed image for the white background which stays fixed when you scroll down. If not, a solid color works just as well!

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    Actually I just noticed the text is from the most recent article ( and the image from the second article… so confusing!

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    Personal development website aimed towards men who want to achieve their full potential.

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    Hi Devin

    I’ve been searching the forum and messing around with the adjustments today and it looks to be sorted! Was just about to post and say don’t worry about it.

    For other users, I found these codes in a search which are helpful for understanding how to make the adjustments to columns correctly:

    The sidebar sizes are controlled by lines 799-809 in style.css:



    margin:0 20px 40px 0;

    padding:0 0 0px 19px;


    overflow: hidden;


    #top .fullwidth_sidebar{



    The width values can be modified in conjunction with the main content values in style.css lines 635-649:

    #content, .entry-no-pic .entry-content{


    padding:0 0 50px 20px;

    float: left;

    margin:0 20px 0 0;

    overflow: hidden;


    .fullwidth #content, .fullwidth .entry-no-pic .entry-content{



    .fullwidth .entry-content{



    Depending on the layout (2 sidebars or 1 large sidebar) the values+padding+margin should equal 960px wide.

    This is a quick resource for understanding css shorthand:

    The margin property can have from one to four values.

    margin:25px 50px 75px 100px;

    top margin is 25px

    right margin is 50px

    bottom margin is 75px

    left margin is 100px

    margin:25px 50px 75px;

    top margin is 25px

    right and left margins are 50px

    bottom margin is 75px

    margin:25px 50px;

    top and bottom margins are 25px

    right and left margins are 50px


    all four margins are 25px

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    Thanks this worked great, I have another issue.

    The text in my posts are slightly cut off on the left side. I only need to make a slight adjustment so that the first letter is fully visible – ie move the line slightly to the right.

    I haven’t tweaked any of the settings other than what you have suggested.

    Any ideas what needs to be tweaked in order to do this?


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    Hi Sulker – maybe I can help. These codes have all worked for me.

    For Ismael’s codes, remove all the lines that contain //

    For instance, this code below:

    //adjusts the spacing of the main menu items

    ul#menu-first li a {

    padding-right: 90px !important;



    ul#menu-first li a {

    padding-right: 90px !important;


    All the lines that contain // are for our information, to let us know what each code does. Once you understand, remove them and the code will work just fine.

    Paste all of Devin’s codes after Ismael’s code. Make sure the previous line ends with ‘ } ‘ when you add them to the bottom of style.css

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    Brilliant, worked a treat! Few more questions so bear with me :)

    FYI i’ve set ‘second’ as my main menu (ul#menu-second li a)

    – Can you tell me how to centre the text for the menu items? Or space individual menu items? If you look at my page, you can see ‘Relationships’ and ‘Style’ are too close together, I want to increase the distance between these two menu items so everything is equally spaced out.

    – Now that i’ve adjusted the height of the columns, the drop-down menus (when you hover over a menu item) are too far from the main menu. Is it possible to give the code so that I can have the drop down menus closer to the headings? Can I also increase the font size for the headings?

    – I keep get the ‘cheatin, uh’ everytime I try to change the logo. Is there a code so I can manually change the logo?

    Kind regards


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