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    Hi Nick

    I am using Replete 1.4.1. On the top right corner where cart is, when it is empty is only shows a thin line with no text in it. Before upgrading to woocommerce latest version it used to show “No products in cart”. Is there a newer version of Replete available? If yes what things I need to do again after upgrading? For example I know I have to put my custom css again but is it only this one or do I loose more info that I need to put again?

    Thank you for your reply

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    Thank you Peter. It works!!!

    Regards, Spyros

    Not sure if this is what you want but I think I came across the same problem and what I did was this:

    After the page/post element, add a page split element and after that add the other element that you have which I think it is a logo/partner list.

    Hope this is what you want.

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    I have already done this many times (saw it in other posts here) and it didn’t work. When I use the default permalinks everything works fine. Can I do something else? I have found this to flush the permalinks $wp_rewrite->flush_rules(); but don’t really know where to use it. Could you also tell me where the htaccess file is located?

    Thank you for you support already and hope you can suggest something else about this issue.

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    Thank you Dude for your reply. Really appreciated.

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    Could you help with this please?

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    After having solved my own stupid mistake, I would like to share my solution to this problem in case someone else faces the same problem. It was pretty easy the solution but sometimes either you forget the obvious or you don’t pay to much attention to it. So what I ve done was change the name of my STORE page from SHOP to PRODUCTS but forgot to change the woocommerce default page for my STORE.

    I am sure I will need your help again soon.

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    Some details more

    I am using Replete template builder to build the products page. So before I add the product element the breadcumb is correct Home>Products.

    But when I add the product element using the builder it appears like this Home> >Wine, where wine is the first category of products I choose the product element to show.

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    It works. Thank you very much for your help. Just had to change 0 0 to 0 30% to position the cart were I wanted it to be. :)

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