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  • thanks so much, Devin – fixed that “/” problem perfectly :)

    Regarding the Read More thing (under each post in a blog), I’ve edited a few theme files directly i think…but i’ve done so much fiddling i couldn’t tell you which! Not too sure what the more tag is – but i don’t think i’m using it…sorry i can;t be more helpful!

    The site is – but we’re down whilst i finish building for now as we don’t want anyone seeing it until it’s cooked ;)



    in reply to: Hide a category from blog? #73181

    Hey Dude – been gleening loads of answers to my questions from here (so many thanks!) – but 2 things i can’t see the answer to….

    1) I want to remove the category / author link below each blog post. I have done this successsfully, using the following 2 css codes:

    .blog-author.minor-meta {

    display: none;


    .blog-categories {



    However, there still remains a forward slash (“/”) which used to divide the category and author names. How do i remove this forward slash that remains?

    2) Below each new post in the blog, there should be a “read more ->”, but mine has dissappeared :( How do i get this back for all posts, so visitors don’t have to click the title but can also click “read more” too?

    Thanks so much!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)