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  • Hi Nick, I have solved all these issues by amending the quick.css. Thank you for your help.

    I realize that in version 1.6 the post slider does no longer provide the option to display a featured image in different sizes, which came in very handy in many cases. Is this a bug or a feature? If it is a feature I am not sure why you did that and whether the old functionality can be restored?

    Please feel free to close this thread anytime.


    Hi again Nick and thank you kindly for your prompt response. I have uploaded an image here:

    Instead of my blog (unpublished and messy for the moment) I recreated the problem with the dummy data included in Enfold, which I am sure you’re familiar with.

    You can ignore case (3) of the picture I have uploaded. It was the initial issue and I am sending it just in case you want to look into this if you hear the same from others.

    Case (1) is what I was referring to with regard to the file name above the lightbox picture. It is the dummy data post displayed on its own page. This is what you see when you click the featured image.

    Case (2) is something I just saw. The blog slider displays an image with a whitish space around the actual image. This is happening even if all post featured images are the same size (say 80X80) and the image size has been set to 80X80 in the resizer plugin and all images regenerated or posted after the size was set. In the post page the images appear as they should. The problem is you can’t use a color layer background other than white as the white box that surrounds the image looks like a “hole” in the colored background.

    Of course the twitter image is just an example.



    Hi Nick,

    Thank you for your reply! The issue has been resolved by leaving the “where do you want to display the blog” box empty, in the Enfold settings. I just use a blog roll element in a page. That in combination with removing the big preview display in CSS has done the job.

    The perforated line (timeline) has gone from the blog roll, which leaves me with a blog roll with small featured images, and the single post is now displayed without a featured image.

    May I take the opportunity and ask how to remove the file name line, which appears on the top side of a featured image in the post view, when you click the image to see it on the lightbox or should I post a new question for that?



    OK, I have added the desired dimensions of the featured image into the Quick CSS, and I have also set the image size through the image resizer plugin. What happens now is this:

    – When you go to the single post page the grey box looks smaller (80X80) as long as it is empty, which is the desired size. However, when you add a 80X80px featured image the grey box expands back to 180X180, which means the image takes up only a part of the area. What you get is a grey background with an image on its upper left corner; far from the desired look.

    Then I decided to remove the featured image as a temporary solution until I hear from you. I modified again the CSS and the image has been removed from both the blog roll and the single post page, which is the desired behavior. However, the blog roll page now shows a “timeline”, i.e. a dotted line that runs from the top to the bottom of the page. The workaround to this was to switch to “single author/big preview” layout, in which case there is no timeline, thus the removal of the preview leaves the page clean.

    However, ultimately I would like to use “singe author/small preview” with a proper grey box 80X80 which will be fully covered by a 80X80px image, without leaving the grey background visible, hence I would appreciate your assistance.

    Last but not least, please ignore my second question of the initial message (how to make the media space in the post body larger), as this space gets larger when the featured image gets smaller or removed, hence it is not an issue.

    I am looking forward to receiving your suggestions.

    Thank you

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