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  • Hello Ismael,
    When I checked the avia-shortcodes/ folder the events_countdown/ folder was already present with a single file events_countdown.php – same file size as well. The date on the folder and file was 9/24 as the rest of the theme files. I downloaded again and the files are the same Sept.1 date I used. I overwrote the events_countdown.php file but the only change is the date stamp to 10/10/22. I manually selected each event category present in settings – It’s still not working

    Hello, yes I was working, sorry. A couple of notes – I don’t know if your review noted:
    1) TEC Upcoming Events and Enfold event widgets, post listing using events were already working fine. Each uses “all” if category(s) not selected. I had tested in the blog sidebar and home page.
    2) The sidebar countdown widget also was working fine
    3) The Animated Countdown (manually enter date) I also had tested fine (Content Elements)

    Setting categories for the active events:
    1) DID fix the missing dropdown however…
    2) NO CHANGE with Enfold’s Plugin Additions > Events Countdown not showing (set to show countdown to next event automatically)

    I really hope you can help – REALLY critical to my client promoting their events.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)