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    nm, got it. I was putting it all in style.css instead of style1.css

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    I”m still getting lines around each cell. How can I remove them?

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    Also, can you make the portfolio page it self full width?

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    Ok,….. I didn’t change the layout. That parts fixed. How do I get rid of the text and read more button?

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    Thanks for your help. In general this has worked to remove the date and comments off. However its still showing up on one page, which the page I am and was having problems to begin with.

    if you go to

    This is the Portfolio page for the boys. As you will see when you go to this site, I’ve tried other ways to get the portfolio page to work but it wont. So issue

    1) On this page I still get date and comments off for EACH portfolio page its listing

    2) I want the page to look like the one you described

    It does not. Rather than show a thumbnail and a little text it shows the entire portfolio page one after another.

    I have tried

    1) Under CleanCut Options > Portfolio Options >

    1. Portfolio Link Image > When clicking on a Portfolio Image what should happen? > Show Portfolio Single Post

    If I click on an image on the current page it opens the image in a light box instead of taking me to the individual portfolio page

    2. Portfolio Page 1 > Select a Page to display Portfolio 1 > Boys && Select Categories to display in Portfolio 1 > Our Boys

    The Boys page Does NOT show any portfolio entries at all. When I make Our Boys a menu item I get a listing one right after the other of each item in the portfolio category and it shows all the text from the end page. I do not want the portfolio page to look like that.

    What I need is for it to look like it does here:

    Except, I do not what and text under the pictures and I do not want a read more button. My user should click on the image of the dog and be taken to that dogs page (or the full portfolio page).

    I hope that clarifies things a little bit. I’m probably missing something simple, but its frustrating none the less

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    I still haven’t been able to figure out how to get the dates, categories and comments off removed

    however the Portfolio part…………..I think I”m doing something incorrectly.

    If I have the menu item be the category for the portfolio (in this case) Boys. I see a list one after the other of the boys, with all the content of those pages. I do not get a portfolio page like the demo, where you get a smaller image, a bit of text. I think this is the problem. But if I change the portfolio options to display portfolio on a particular page………………I get the page but no images of the contents of that portfolio………..Am I missing something?

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    Nm I figured it out

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