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    Well, the problem seems to have fixed itself.. kind of

    Here’s a rundown of what I was doing (and if its totally dumb I apologize :)

    we have our main site’s root folder is / (obviously) but because I didn’t want to make the wordpress live until it was finished the root folder for the new worpress site was /wordpress. That’s where I was having problems with cu3er. Once the worpress site was done I moved it up to / and linked everything back up.

    Not sure why, but after that I have not had a problem with cu3er. Either way, thanks for the help!

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    Ok, so here’s another update (sorry Im a noob)..

    It seems like once I restart my computers and try to go on the site, cu3er doesn’t load, instead it just gives me the logo. However, if I click out of the mainpage and go to the about page, and then return to the homepage, it starts to work.

    Pretty weird… Is there any simple solutions to this?

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    I still seen to be having problems with cu3er. For the past two days, it works and then something happens overnight that makes it no longer work in the morning. What would cause it to not work? I am the only one accessing it, and I hadn’t changed any settings?

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    Quick update…

    All of the sudden, it decided to start working again.. I’m not too sure why. I’m glad it is, but can anyone shed some lights as to why it would do that? Would it have something to do with the permissions on the cache folder?

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