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  • in reply to: Web links to open in new window #175366

    Hi Josue,

    Thanks for the tip. The problem is that the fix you posted is permanent, I assume? What I wanted was a way to just make the one specific link open into a new window, not every single link opening from a featured image.


    in reply to: Stop video links opening in lightbox #173537

    It’s ok, I found it!

    The noLightbox class

    <a class= "noLightbox" href="" title="NAME"></a>


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    in reply to: New Social Icons #139959

    Got it all working without any problems.

    Thanks guys!

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    Hi Josue,

    Thanks for your speedy reply!

    So all I have to do is:

    1. Add the three new .png files into the relevant image folder (minimal skin in my case)

    2. Set up the three new classes for the three new icons in the socket container css (minimal skin file). Or just put it in custom.css

    3. Add the three new lines of code to header.php and footer.php to call the icons in

    4. Add the three new input settings into the admin backend


    in reply to: Recommended plugins #46654

    I was using Digg Digg to have social media links, but it’s soooooo slow and really hangs up the page. It also produces a double vertical scroll bar in Firefox. I found this one instead which is much better, lighter on code and runs faster. The only bad thing is that here is no css file, so you have to make any visual tweaks in the php files.

    AA’s Digg Digg Alternative


    in reply to: Transparent Logo #120759

    I think you mean wordpress doesn’t allow gifs, Ismael.


    in reply to: Hardcoding site logo – WPML workaround #115379

    Sorry! I missed a back tick in the logo url – damn those things are hard to spot!

    Now it’s fine!

    Thanks Dude!

    in reply to: Hardcoding site logo – WPML workaround #115378

    I get an error Dude:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /xxx/html/wp-content/themes/shoutbox/functions.php on line 216


    in reply to: Hardcoding site logo – WPML workaround #115377

    Hey Dude!

    Thanks for that code.

    One thing I didn’t understand… where does the first logo come from? From the url inserted into the Theme Options settings?


    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108570

    Hey Nick,

    I’m going to dump that backup site I had, because it’s a mess. I’ll put up a copy of the actual site as it was before you started looking at all this. Maybe the back up site is so messed up, it’s not helping anyway.

    I’ll also make a copy to try out a version with no WPML config files and see how that goes. If it works I’m going back to that and screw their updates. It’s not ideal (it causes big problems with the template builder when switching languages), but there’s no way I can start from scratch. I have over 850 posts with translations now.

    I’ll let you know when the new versions are up.

    Thanks mate,


    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108568

    Hey Nick,

    Did you guys ever fix this WPML-Shoutbox thing?

    Half my site is redundant now. The only time it worked was way back when I didn’t even have the WPML config files in Shoutbox (because it never came with them). If there’s no sign of fixing this, I think I’m going to go back to what was working for me, even if it’s not set up right.



    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108565

    I’m going to try running WPML on a new, out of the box, copy of Shoutbox and see if these issues are there at the root. Because if they are not, then maybe my site has some problem somewhere (a code change, a plugin conflict etc). I’ll report back later as to what happened.

    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108564

    I just trashed the wpml-config.xml file and it made that ‘Avia Framework’ panel reappear. But It didn’t help to solve the problem.

    I’m wondering now if there’s something not right in the Shoutbox WPML config files. Those are the files I didn’t have in my “working” site (before Nick set it up over Xmas), and ever since I’ve had them in, I’ve had this problem with the featured images and their slideshow settings, even though WPML is supposedly set up right.

    Maybe someone could check it?

    I’m running out of ideas.


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    Same old bullshit :O(

    Changing the plugins made no difference and that ‘Avia framework’ thing didn’t show up, which means it must be affected by the WPML config files, or some difference between Shoutbox 1.2 and Shoutbox 1.3 (- which this clone of the live site is running on).

    Changing those stupid ‘Custom Field Translation’ settings makes no difference either. Something is overriding them I think.

    Seems like the only way to get this shit working is to set up WPML wrong, like I had it back in November.

    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108562

    Ok, I’ve been in my time machine all afternoon!

    I set up a site from a backup I created in November 2012. This site works a far as WPML translations go, but it was before you (Nick) set up WPML properly, so that factor could be important. It doesn’t have the WPML config files in the WordPress root. I also wasn’t using the WPML CMS Nav plugin (I don’t even know what it does).

    It’s running on Shoutbox 1.2

    The plugins I had on that old working site are:

    WPML Multilingual CMS 2.6.0

    Latest 2.7.1

    WPML Sticky Links 1.2.0

    Latest 1.2.1

    WPML Media 1.1.0

    Latest 1.2.3

    WPML String Translation 1.4.0

    Latest 1.6.1

    WPML Translation Management 1.3.1

    Latest 1.5.0

    I noticed something unusual in the ‘WPML/Translation Management/Multilingual Content Setup’ tab of the old working site. Right at the bottom is a panel titled ‘Custom Posts’. Inside it is a variable called ‘Avia Framework’ which can be set to Translate or Nothing. It’s set to Translate. This panel doesn’t appear in the current site I have. It looks like sometime after November, WPML changed something that removes it (unless it’s due to my WPML being set up wrongly at this time)

    All the variables in that big panel ‘Custom Fields Translation’ in the old working site are unset. It’s not possible to unset them in the later site that doesn’t work.

    I’m going to try putting the old plugins back into a clone of the non-working site later and see if it makes any difference. I’m not even sure if I can do it, but I’ll see what I can do and report back.

    As I said above, the biggest visible change in the WPML dashboard seems to be the absence now of that ‘Avia Framework’ variable, which might be what’s stopping the avia settings from being carried over.


    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108561

    Ok, thanks Nick. I appreciate all your help on this.

    If, as you say, there are various complaints on their forum (I didn’t check), then it sounds like something changed in a recent update from them. I might go back to an old back up (pre xmas) I have and use the older WPML plugins when it seemed to be working until this is sorted out. I’ll try and load up an old copy of my site onto a new test site and see which combination was working.


    **I had a quick look and there do seem to be some issues on their forums with elements not being copied over etc. But I’m not sure if they are the same issues I’m having. In a couple of responses I’ve seen them mention having to contact the theme creators to resolve the issue, which seems to suggest they have altered something recently in the way WPML works. I know Harshad altered some code in the Shoutbox Avia Framework for me (you posted it above), but it didn’t stop the slideshow settings being locked out in the translations.

    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108558

    Ok, thanks Nick!

    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108556

    Im still waiting on he WPML guys. They fixed the mouseover problem I had (the code that Nick posted above), but not the ability to change avia settings (sideshow etc) which still doesn’t work after translating.

    But about a week ago even the mouseover problem came back so something is still broken. I checked an old back up from about December and the problem was there also, so it’s been lurking between for a while. I still have no idea which update (WP, WPML or Shoutbox) is causing the problems.


    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108549

    Is this going to be the longest Shoutbox topic ever? haha

    Nick told me yesterday there was a new framework out, but I don’t know what he meant. Maybe Kriesi is updating Shoutbox again – it could be that it’s not compatible with the new WPML updates yet.

    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108547

    The WPML guys fixed some code in my framework/php/function-set-avia-frontend.php file also. It resolved the mouseover problem I had with translations, but there are still others relating to the image settings in the dashboard. From your post it seems like they want to talk to Kriesi about making Shoutbox more compatible.

    Unfortunately I can’t seem to be able to post the code. This comment box messes it up.


    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108542

    Hey Nick,

    Those new settings don’t work for me. Same problem as before I’m afraid.



    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108537

    You cheat! ;O)

    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108535

    Well, it’s only $7 a month ($6.5 really). That’s not so much, and you do get support. It was never going to be free because it’s such a complicated plugin. The issue I have is that it’s not actually working. But hopefully Nick has sorted it.

    I don’t use the blog version so I don’t know what features it has. I would assume it would translate images over also, otherwise I don’t know what is translating. Maybe they have a forum for that version you can rant on!

    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108529


    Yes, I think you need the CMS version which is what I have.

    Nick, I’ll send you a mail and try those settings later. Thanks very much for all your work, I hope it fixes it.


    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108527

    That’s great! Thanks Nick… look forward to seeing what you came up with.


    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108524

    Hi Artifactual,

    I think you are at the same point as me now. The media translation plugin used to work, but now it doesn’t for some reason (although slideshows never translated properly). I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing the custom fields though. They should be either at the bottom of the posts you are translating (you might have to make them visible by turning them on in the dashboard) or in the WPML settings under Translation Management/Multilingual content set up.

    When you translate a post, do your featured images have the mouseover active on both posts?


    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108519

    Didn’t work, Nick. Sorry.

    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108518

    Hi Nick,

    I’ll try that and see what happens, but it kind of defeats the whole point of the media translation plugin, if you have to reconnect the featured image yourself each time. I think this is what Artifactual was saying above. It seems something has broken with the system since about January.

    I have a whole list of about 50 custom field settings (like the ones you posted above) that can be set to don’t translate/copy/translate in the Translation Management tab of the settings for WPML. Some are not set at all, and once set, you can’t seem to ever go back to not set. I have no idea which ones should be which. It’s really confusing because some are for quite technical settings.

    Thanks anyway…

    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108516

    It didn’t work Nick. I tried making a new post with the “copy” and “translate” settings all on. Still the same problem.

    I’m going to try changing some of the settings in the main WPML settings page. There is a whole list of things that can be copied or translated. Some of them seem to be framework settings that don’t show up on the post page, like the ones you pointed out. If that doesn’t work I’ll wait for the WPML guy.

    in reply to: WPML issue (?) with featured images #108514

    Hi Nick,

    I’ll check what you said and see if it works. I did actually try it after the post was created, but nothing changed so I assumed it was something else. However I’m still unable to alter any of the usual featured image variables in the dashboard (linking properties, size displayed on a single page). Would that be affected by those settings you pointed out, or is that something else?



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