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    I’ve followed the advice above, still have same problems, getting broken theme, do you know of GoDaddy issues that may explain problem?

    in reply to: Problems Installing Theme #42341

    I’m still having troubles installing this theme. am on godaddy, have tried the above suggestions with no luck. don’t know how many times i’ve emailed you directly with no reply. to answer the questions above;

    1. this is a new install


    3. i am running 3.2.1 wordpress

    4. deactivating plugins did not help

    can you help or provide refund?

    in reply to: Theme not appearing after install #49502

    yep, there is a newscast folder there with all files in it including style.css. There are four sub folders within the newscast folder on my FTP called CSS, Files, Images, JS. can you confirm that these should be there? thanks.

    in reply to: Theme not appearing after install #49500

    hi, i can see that this is a common issue when trying to install a new theme. i have followed the instructions and am still get notification of a broken theme from wordpress.

    in reply to: Issues installing #34840


    the above information from Marcuss is exactly what I was needing, however when I do go to install the right zip file now I get an error because it’s trying to upload it to an existing directory, but i can’t find anywhere where i can delete the installed theme that isn’t working properly.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)