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    This helped me too!



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    I did not install a new plugin, but my contact form while returning a ‘message sent’ return message, is not sending the email messages to the desired email address. I followed the last bit of advice here and changed my Contact Us page to the ‘Default Template’ and still no success.

    Advice? Our site:



    Its only been a minute, but I answered my followup question by fidgeting with my settings, but I am still interested in resizing the image slider to 580×420.




    I have a similar question about resizing the CU3ER image files. Our main site images are sized to 580×420. You will see the first transition with a bug related to the sizes of our images. How do I resize our main image slider area to 580×420 permanently?

    Also as a followup question: we wish to have all the image slider images turn up, down, left, right for the full 3D effect but no slices. Currently using the slide editor in WP, I’ve only accomplished this for the first transition in the ‘up’ direction. Do I need certain settings?



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    Great thank you. I went to your linked site for WordPress custom fields, but I can not locate the:

    “to access these fields just head over to the write post/page site down to the Advanced Options Tabs. There you will find the Custom Fields Tab which looks something like this”

    Can I request a screencap of where in the WordPress editor I will find the Advanced Options tab?

    Thanks once again, all of your advice has been fruitful.


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    Tried it and I got the following error:

    “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘ in /home/gregpard/public_html/ on line 140 “

    I then deleted the redundant <?php and still got an error return for line 145. But I didn’t copy and paste it, sorry.


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    ^ Check out this page :

    I’m doing something right, and something wrong for the video lightbox display.

    ^_^ Thanks in advance.


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    I am having a follow-on issue.

    In the post/page editor, when I insert a YouTube URL into the “Display Preview image options” the Image Media Uploader loads instead. I can not upload directly from YouTube, and I can’t insert the Youtube URL because the image media loader is popping up-not the video loader.

    All I basically want to do is add videos to post pages and have them open in Lightbox. Is that possible without installing Pretty Photo?


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    I did solve it-but thanks so much! How about another question?

    Is it possible to have the main page columns click an individual designated post vs. a category? For example, instead of having my latest ‘serious games’ category post revealed, can I enter a manual link to an exact post in a category to be displayed in the main page columns?


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    ^ I’ve got it figured out! Thanks tho, this forum is uber helpful!

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    Hi, I am basically looking to perform the same thing. My Display theme site actually inserts the entire post in the main page columns re: .

    I read the article linked, but it is not clearly stated what file we access to edit the template tag.

    Here is the closest I found, “The parameters within the template tag the_content() are as follows:”

    What file is the template tag housed in?

    Also, just to be clear, in order to have the trimmed excerpts for the main page columns I must edit the template tag as well as use the no more quicktag per post.

    Thank you! So far I am really enjoying using this theme.

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