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    Also: if I can’t make them both work, how can I stop the “tab” function from going to the next menu item and keep it intact for the form? Thanks!

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    Hi, just a follow up. I also checking with Gravity Formsand here was what they said:

    The problem is going to be due to the fact the Gravity Forms scripts and stylesheet are not being output. Most likely due to how that Themeforest heme works if it is a one-page theme… it most likely isn’t using a loop which means if you are using the shortcode the necessary scripts cannot be enqueued automatically.

    Because of this you will need to implement the Gravity Forms enqueue function in the themes functions.php file to enqueue the necessary scripts for that form. Documentation for this can be found here:

    seemed to work. Thought this might be useful in case someone else is using that plugin. Thanks for the prompt help and assistance!


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    Hi! Thanks for the reply and help. I really appreciate it. I added this to the css/custom but no dice. Doesn’t seem to be a noticeable change. I flushed the cache, etc. Any other suggestions/workarounds? Great theme, btw. Really enjoying working with it in spite of this little challenge.

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    the main problem is with Gravity Forms. When I create a form and preview it, it comes out just fine. Then, when I put it into the one page portfolio via the page content section, it comes out stripped of style and even has some odd code showing. Here is a jpeg showing the preview, which renders fine, and the messed up page once its’ published. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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