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    Hi Devin, thanks so much for the reply… what I did was I changed every single picture in size to fit that display. Some are distorted which I don’t like, but I had to make every one of them 960 x 440 in order for them to display evenly.

    If you know of another way to do this — you said to change the way the slideshow gets displayed, from full width — where would I make that change?


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    Wow do I feel dumb again… somehow in my Settings –> Reading area, my home page was actually MISSING. I have no idea how it would load on Firefox if it was actually missing, but it was. I had to remake it and add to the settings, and now it works fine.

    I do have another question in regards to the slideshow picture size — is there a way to shrink the height of the images? I know it would take some editing work to keep it proportional, but right now my images are so large you have to scroll the site to see them in full on that slideshow; I know they are stretched because some are not very big to begin with.

    I checked the slideshow.css settings but they seem to be on the smaller side, with a stretched height of 377 px, but they are displaying much larger. I am kind of new to this as you can tell, just making the site as a favor to a great bunch of men and wanted to make it as perfect as possible. The site is at, if you can help at all it is much appreciated :)

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    Please disregard that post — somehow, someway the slideshow is working :)

    Thanks anyway!

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