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    I can’t seem to figure it out. If you add something to the cart it adds fine. If you change the quantity and click update cart it reverts back to the cart overview with just one. Then click update cart button again and it then makes the change you made. You have to click the update cart button twice on any change you make. It’s not a plugin issue or cache issue. Is it an AJAX issue?


    in reply to: Icons disappear after clicking custom links #225278

    Somehow deleting the www in the custom link in the main menu seemed to do the trick… but if the problem comes back is there anything I should look into?

    in reply to: INTERNET EXPLORER MAJOR ISSUES #112858

    I just fixed it … I had the home button as a custom link to instead of using my actual home page that was blocking that from happening. I’ll see if she can contact those people and find out what version of IE they were using for the other issues .. thanks

    in reply to: INTERNET EXPLORER MAJOR ISSUES #112857

    Hello Devin,

    I’m wondering if it has to do with how the homepage is setup. The motion of when the cursor slides from one main menu navigation to the other there is a little half arrow that is supposed to follow the cursor. That motion works on all the pages except for the homepage. I just noticed that on the settings the static page wasn’t set to my homepage, and the posts page wasn’t set to my blog. I fixed that but that motion is still not working…. I’m wondering if that has anything to do with it. Can I send you login for wordpress to your direct email?

    in reply to: IE8 issues with images #110425

    The screenshots of the errors going on in IE8 they were mainly the images that have been uploaded to the site (like the bio pics, and the blog photo’s) were not displaying properly and were smashed to one side. If support team is looking into this please navigate to those pages while viewing in IE8 to see what is going on. (also make a suggestion on how I can test this on a mac to make sure all IE browsers are displaying this properly)

    in reply to: IE8 issues with images #110424

    Is this the solution? After digging through all the posts I found this. I’m going to try it and see if it works.

    .firefox img, .firefox a img{

    width: 98%;

    .msie9 img, .msie9 a img{

    width: 98%;


    in reply to: Site not displaying images properly under IE8 #109197

    Was there any resolutions to this problem… my site is having the same issues with IE8.

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