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    Hi guys

    Any more progress with this ? I can understand your position about this being an old theme, but many of us purchased NewsCast due to the excellent feature accordion slider, and now it’s been rendered unusable ! :-(

    In the meantime, I’ve spent several hours today experimenting with different CSS to try and get the slider looking good again. I’ve sort of managed it, but ended up needing to strip away some of the features that I liked so much in the first place.

    It would still be good to reach a mutually agreeable solution about this.

    Thanks. :-)

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    Hi Kriesi – thanks for taking the time to reply :-) (and apologies for the delay at my end – I did not receive the email notification).

    I just disabled all my plugins, and then deleted all my custom css, and yes – the problem persists.

    As mentioned above, I have also found the same problem on this site (not mine) –
    I’ve just been hunting around, and also just found the problem on these sites –

    It started appearing on my site a few weeks back, maybe after a WP (or jquery ?) update, but I didn’t have time to look into it back then.

    Just a quick CSS fix would be great, to make the site look decent again – I’m not even fussy about the exact styling.

    Hope you can help. :-)

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    Hi dude

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. To be honest, I am disappointed that the Newscast theme has only been working for me for 12 months, before developing this problem. I hope that Kriesi can come up with a satisfactory solution. :-)

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    Hi Devin

    Thanks for your suggestion, but as per my original post, I have already tried disabling all the plugins, and that did not work.

    It seems strange that the support recommendation is to rollback to WP3.3 (released way back in Dec-2011) for a theme that is still currently for sale on Theme Forest. Is this Kriesi’s official decision ? And maybe there should be a warning on the Theme Forest page now, that the accordion slider no longer works with the latest version of WP ? (I see that it still works fine on your demo, so this could be misleading).

    Is there anything at all you can do for me and others like me, who have purchased the theme solely for the attractive slider that now no longer works correctly.

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    Hi Ismael – thanks for your suggestion, but that’s not a realistic solution.

    Is there anything else I can try ?

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    Wow – quick reply, thanks Yigit ! :-)

    But unfortunately that didn’t work – the flickering text is seen as the slideshow is animating – and not just on HOVERing on the text. (For completeness, I then tried without the HOVER, and all the small text disappeared).

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    Thanks for your reply, Yigit. I added the CSS, but I can’t see that it’s made any difference.

    Using Firebug, perhaps these 2 classes are important to the problem ?

    class="sliderheading heading_clone"

    I also noticed that the problem exists for another user, as posted on the ThemeForest comments page (not my site) –

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    I’ve been looking into this some more by viewing my site with the latest version of each major desktop web browser.

    Seems like the problem is most obvious using Chrome (my main browser) and then Safari, but the flickering is not seen using Firefox or IE (although IE exhibits a different issue – the fonts are not loading correctly !)

    The flicker is also present on my phone using Chrome.

    I wonder if there is a simple fix using OPACITY or Z-INDEX ?

    in reply to: Accordion Slider – is it available to buy on its own ? #194244

    Thanks, Devin, although I was specifically meaning a Kriesi slider – but I guess not then.

    Further to my post here –

    I want to hire someone to edit the code, so the slider stays open at the current page – do I need a PHP programmer, or JS, or is it HTML/CSS ? And whereabouts is the specific slider code in the theme ? (As I will need to email it to my programmer).


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    Thanks for your help, guys – that’s sorted it now. Great support. :-D

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    Hi Ismael – yes, you’re correct – it is complicated ! I’ve been making a bit more progress with this, and I’m *almost* there now, so hoping you can help me some more. I applied your code, but the slider was not full width, and the images appeared distorted & zoomed in. So I added the following code, to make the individual images display at the correct 300×200 size, and also for the slider to be full width –

     #featured {width: 960px !important;}
    .featured img {height: 200px !important; width: 300px !important;}

    So it looks perfect at first, but then when the auto-slideshow starts, the animation is wrong, and when you hover, the slider closes rather than opens – you can see it here –

    Any help is much appreciated. :-)

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    Hi Ismael

    Thanks for your quick reply – I didn’t realise that I could achieve this using CSS alone.

    But unfortunately your amended code doesn’t seem to have worked – I’m pretty sure I followed your instructions OK, but it breaks the slider. I can see a bordered outline of 300x200px, but no images are appearing at all. I tried adjusting the parameters using Firebug but wasn’t able to improve things.

    Is there anything else to try ?

    in reply to: Site Showcase Thread #58728

    Marine Conservation & Coral Reef Propagation –

    Thanks, Ismael.

    I’ve seen this functionality on a slider somewhere for sure, but I suppose it all depends on how this one is put together.

    in reply to: Slider – how to create from PAGES rather than POSTS ? #98716

    Hi there, Dude – thanks for the link – that one plus another referenced in that thread have got me on the right track ! :)

    I’ve pretty much got what I needed now, just got some CSS to tweak.

    Thanks for the great support, guys.

    in reply to: Slider – how to create from PAGES rather than POSTS ? #98714

    Thanks for your reply, Devin, even if it is bad news !

    I found a topic from 2yrs ago, which *almost* seems to answer my question, but I’m not sure how to apply it to my specific situation –

    The advice there is to use a Custom Field – is this feature no longer present in the theme ? Anyway, no problem – I’ve just installed the CUSTOM FIELDS plugin, but I’ve not used it before and it’s all a bit puzzling !

    Do you think there’s a possible solution here, somewhere ?

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