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  • in reply to: Search result overview page for ajax search #1059581

    Hi Nikko,
    thank you for your reply but I have to come back to this issue.
    If you enter a search term on the upper right side in the search field you get some results.
    There you find also the option to go to “see all results”.
    This page is looking weird and as far as I can find out it is not an cache issue.
    Here is one result page again:

    Thanks for looking into it again

    in reply to: Social Bookmark Buttons #933876

    Thank you Vinay, I was searching for the shortcodes for quiete some time…
    The only thing is, that I was looking for font icons indeed but with your help I found my way.

    But is there a way to change color of the icons on hover/ mouseover? Here is the shortcode I got.

    [av_font_icon icon='ue8f4' font='entypo-fontello' style='' caption='' link='manually,' linktarget='_blank' size='40px' position='left' color='#ffffff' custom_class='' admin_preview_bg=''][/av_font_icon]

    Thanks again for your support
    Cheers, Peter

    in reply to: WP update troubles #613168

    After renewing the API Key i managed to update the theme successfully.
    All Systems up and running now! – Good Luck rikv


    in reply to: WP update troubles #613144

    Can’t update to 3.5.2 with “Theme Update” + User Name and API Key. Getting the message “No Updates available…” Running 3.4.7
    Next step will be to try the update by hand.
    Greets Peter

    in reply to: WP update troubles #613054

    Same here! Some pages content disappeared, only header and footer is to be seen. Page transitions aren’t smooth any more, plugins are not working…
    What to do?
    Thanks for your quick reply

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)