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    it works! thanks ;-)

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    so here’s my site

    I uploaded the pic in size 850 x 250 px, made all the changes in function php and slider helper, now the slider container is too big as you can see…how can i get rid of these black box around – at least in heigth? But I still would need to show the text. This also interesting: the text in one picture differs from the other pictures…get connected differs from explorer a new culture….

    Second question: I created a dynamic template for the frontpage with a slider and columns, but the columns don’t appear at all, .not 1, not 2 and 3 columns. I chose a category from where the post has to be picked –


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    Hi, i changed the size for example here , as you recommend [$avia_config = array(‘width’=>940, ‘height’=>350], I changed it to 850 und 250 , but nothing happend….;-(

    I also changed the size of the thumbnails in function php,

    but still all the same…..

    any advice?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)