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  • in reply to: Woocommerce 2.6 problem – urgent!!! #652973

    Great job.

    in reply to: Slideshow Order #54678

    Ok, thank you, i’ll see what i can do! Lets see if i can implement a “position” field.

    in reply to: Slideshow Order #54676

    Thats great! Works!

    Last question:

    Is there ANY possibility (even code-wise) to change the sorting like this:

    Existing Featured image on position 4 to position 1?

    Any help appreciated


    in reply to: Broadscope 2 Corona #54511

    This unfortunately resizes wordpress sizes only… AVIA images are handled in avia.js….

    or am i wrong?

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    *push* :)

    in reply to: Broadscope 2 Corona #54509

    ah one other question: What about the images…? Do i have to Re-Upload all images to get (new) thumbnail sizes?

    in reply to: Broadscope 2 Corona #54507

    lets go shopping! thank you!

    in reply to: Slideshow Order #54673

    edit: im talking ’bout the featured images -> slideshow.

    in reply to: Update Broadscope #54617

    ah there we go!

    didnt see that, thank you!!

    Damn, i thought so…

    Ok! But thank you for the support!!

    Last question:

    Portfolio entries are posts. Is it possible to permalink them the standard “post”-way? –> /year/month/post

    Best regards


    Cool Tank you!

    Yes thats what i did!

    But through to portfolio isnt just a “custom post type” but also uses a different permalink structure – im still struggeling with a problem. Usually posts are placed -depending on permalink settings – (in my case) under /year/month/post. Thats how Articles and custom post types usually work. In Avia, the portfolio got another structure. Posts are place in /portfolio/post.

    Can anyone tell me where permalinks get structured in avia/broadscope? So i can work on this for my needs

    Thank you for your help.

    For developing on iOS version of broadscope im using a special framework. through to this isnt compatible a 100% with avia i need to have some workarounds. Everything works fine except one. I wondered if theres a not-avia way to filter the portfolio items out of the database through standard wordpress routines like while_have(posts)?

    That way the IOS Version of broadscope would work!

    in reply to: Pretty Photo does not show description #50708

    Ah, i found a (small) bug.

    The javascript i wrote looks for images with a title and a link and gives them the needed code for the lightbox.

    Through to i only use the featured image without link i didnt realize the bug cause mine didnt get catched.

    So what happens when you got an image at top of your post or as feature with a link includes is, that this pic gets in the lightbox group or – if it doesnt have a link – the title might get catched from the lightbox.

    To fix it: Javascript needs to check if image is feature or not (maybe through the div tags of the content area)

    Meanwhile use featured image only OR give images a link (to post or whatever)

    greetings pat

    in reply to: Pretty Photo does not show description #50706

    ah forgot the jquery.prettyPhoto.js in broadscope seems to be modified. so if you use the code above get the original prettyphoto from the publishers website and replace the broadscope jquery.prettyPhoto.js with the original jquery.prettyPhoto.js

    in reply to: Pretty Photo does not show description #50705

    I rewrote the Javascript Linkgeneration myself :) Works now!

    Alt title displayed above image if exists and title displayed in description area! Yeah.

    for anyone whos interested, replace this function in avia.js (folder broadscope/js) with this one. Then its just little css styling of prettyphoto to make it looks nice.



    $.fn.avia_activate_lightbox = function(variables)


    var defaults =


    autolinkElements: 'a[rel^="prettyPhoto"], a[rel^="lightbox"], a[href$=jpg], a[href$=png], a[href$=gif], a[href$=jpeg], a[href$=".mov"] , a[href$=".swf"], a[href$=".flv"] , a[href*=""] , a[href*=""]'


    var options = $.extend(defaults, variables);

    var imagedefaults =


    autolinkImages: 'img[title!=""]'


    return this.each(function()


    var elements = $(options.autolinkElements, this),

    lastParent = "",

    counter = 0;

    var images = $(imagedefaults.autolinkImages, this),

    imgcounter = 0;

    var alltitlesalt = new Array();

    var alltitles = new Array();



    if($(this).attr('alt') != undefined && $(this).attr('alt') !="")












    var el = $(this),

    parentPost = el.parents('.post-entry:eq(0)'),

    group = 'auto_group';

    if(parentPost.get(0) != lastParent)


    lastParent = parentPost.get(0);

    counter ++;


    if((el.attr('rel') == undefined || el.attr('rel') == '') && !el.hasClass('noLightbox'))





    imgcounter ++;




    elements.prettyPhoto({ "theme": 'premium_photo', 'slideshow': 5000 }); /* facebook /light_rounded / dark_rounded / light_square / dark_square */




    in reply to: Pretty Photo does not show description #50704

    yeah, sorry i swapped it.

    alt title works, title (the needed description) doesnt.

    in reply to: Pretty Photo does not show description #50702

    I checked prettyphoto, they pull the title (above image) from the “title”, and the “description” (below image) from the “alt-title”. Title works, alt title not…. would be really nice to have descriptions below photos!!

    in reply to: Pretty Photo does not show description #50700

    addition: Doesnt work in your live demo (themeforest) too….

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