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    I’m using propulsion and this is the function that u might be referring to:

    function avia_banner($position)
    $extraClass = "";
    $output = "";
    $cookieHash = "";
    $bannerText = avia_get_option('banner');
    $cookieName = THEMENAME.'_avia_banner';
    $bannerHash = md5($bannerText);
    if($position) $extraClass = 'relative_pos';

    if(!empty($_COOKIE[$cookieName])) $cookieHash = $_COOKIE[$cookieName];

    $output .= "<div class='$extraClass container_wrap info_text_header' id='info_text_header' data-hash='$bannerHash' data-cookiename='$cookieName'><div class='container no_css_transition'>";
    if(trim($bannerText) != "" && $bannerHash != $cookieHash)
    $output .= "<div class='infotext'>$bannerText <a class='close_info_text rounded' href='#close'>".__('close','avia_framework')."</a></div>";

    $output .= "</div></div>";
    echo $output;

    Any clue on how to fix this?

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    Hi Ismael. Thanks for the link but i still couldn’t find a way to close the infobox. I’m sure this is not set by default but what could cause it? Any help on ways to solve this particular problem in Propulsion?

    As for the Thumbnail, I decided to leave it as it is.

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    In my case, I only upload 1 image. It does become thumbnail but it also display it as a very big image in my post. Also I got another problem whereby the Top banner message keep on appearing on every page i open though after click close. you can have a look here Hope to get some solution.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Is there option not to show the picture as the header at the portfolio page? I would just like the thumbnail. Otherwise, can the image be at the sidebar inline with its title below?

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    anybody willing to help here?

    For a start, i’ve tried adding this to custom.css .home {background: url (../images/main-page-bg.jpg) bottom center norepeat;} all i get is a grey background. But if i change the bottom to top its perfectly working…

    any solution to this?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)