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    is it possible to set slideshow settings so it WILL NOT crop the uploaded image in the post?

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    Using Angular’s built in ‘related post’ option that displays under posts.

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    1) yes i defined the front page via both Angular > Theme Options and also under the ‘Reading’ settings static page choice. The pagination works fine UNTIL you try and overwrite default page layout using Angular’s custom template builder. Once I try and activate a custom layout the landing page works fine but the pagination does not work. I have deactivated custom template and pagination works fine but… the point of the theme is using the custom layout. Is it possible to use a custom layout that has a ‘blog’ that will continue onto the ‘next page’. I’m not sure how or what exactly it means to set the ‘next page’ to the same template.

    Basically I want to use a custom template that makes use of Angular’s custom template builder features and ‘blog’ feature below that which will continue like it should be when you go on to the next page.

    I have already updated to 1.4 before I posted on here.

    ALSO, how can i remove the ‘title/subtitle’ space below the logo on every page. I can only deactivate if I use Angular’s custom template. Please advise.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)