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    Another issue is somehow the main navigation menu title are no longer centred within the dividing lines – possibly I have affected the code somewhere trying to chagne the colours of the hover text ( which I managed).

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    Know you’re probably want a reply from support team but I needed to do this as well and found the answer from support under the post “Decouple Background Color from Text Color” on page 2 of the posts – it worked for me. Hope that helps in the meantime.

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    Thanks that worked great. How do I change the colour of all other sub-menus eg the page title that appears under the logo on the left. So if your page is called “About” and the hover has changed in the main navigation menu, I’d like the colour to change on the page title.

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    I uninstalled then reinstalled WordPress and the theme and it seemed to work this time so no worries.

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    Could you let me know how to put a screenshot of my page on here – where the logo should be appearing it shows the it’s url

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    I actually think I’m in way over my head! I’ve only managed to create a local server on my laptop as I’m a print designer and artist trying to work web packages so all I could do is possible copy the source code and paste it in here? I’m even battling with the the link colours which I’m trying to sort out now.

    My existing site was done by someone else not using WordPress but it is

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    Actually I wanted to ask how to change main navigation links in the top horizontal menu bar when you hover over a section and /and are on a particular page…eg if you are on “About” that menu link stays a burgundy colour and the rest remain grey.

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    I’m new to WordPress and after searching hundreds of themes and trying a few I chose and bought Habitat – but – I just cannot get my logo to appear where the Habitat logo was. ( I’ve managed to make that disappear after numerous attempts). I have successfully changed the background image and was able to insert my logo on another theme. For some reason it will only show up on the working section where I insert the url but not when I go to preview a page. I have saved it as RGB as both a .jpg and a .png but no luck.

    I no nothing about the code but if there is somewhere I need to insert something please direct me!


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)