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  • in reply to: Latest wordpress update messed up my site #54525

    Hi, I wish to upgrade to version 1.2.1b (the latest version I’m told). I’ve downloaded the latest version from Themeforest but I’m wondering if there are any special steps that need to be taken to preserve the existing content, or do i just write over (upload) the latest version over the old version?


    in reply to: left side-bar broken in amplify #37624

    Hi James, not many changes were made, if any, but I’m going to walk through your steps.


    in reply to: left side-bar broken in amplify #37622

    Hey Noah, there was a </div> tag there but I experimented with adding another and removing altogether, but adding an extra </div> fixed the layout when not logged in, but broke it (side-bar nested to bottom) when logged in (reverse the problem).

    I’m not sure what to try next. Any thought?

    in reply to: AMPLIFY for WordPress 3.0 #33454

    Hi, perhaps randie’s question was answered off-line but I am running Amplify and I was wondering if it is currently compatible with wordpress 3.0? I didn’t want to run an WP upgrade if it wasn’t.


    in reply to: All Link Colours #37506

    Hey Dude, that’s great, thanks. The change did impact the footer link colors and main navigation link colors but I’ve almost got that straightened out.

    I can’t find the css for the main navigation sub-header link colors for hover states (the little text blurb under the main link item). Can you tell me where I can find that please?


    in reply to: Avisio Portfolio Disappeared #36472

    Hey Dude, sure, what email should I use?

    in reply to: Avisio Portfolio Disappeared #36470

    Hi Noah, portfolio page? If you’re referring to something that should be showing in “Portfolio Options” section, then no. That’s the problem. No options show up. All that’s there is this:

    I’ve also played with defining a Page as a “Portfolio,” to no effect.

    What do you make of it?

    in reply to: portfolio options #31790

    Hi, I wonder if this was resolved? I’ve just encountered the same problem – Portfolio Options just disappeared, along with my portfolios?


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)