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    Maybe you can help me come up with a better solution than what I’m asking:

    You saw that I have one featured video at the top of my site. I simply want to exclude that video from whichever category section it would be in below it. Ideally, any new video added would automatically show in the top featured section first, and wouldn’t show in any other section, then when another new video is added, the previously featured video would show up in it’s correct category section, and that newest video would only show in the featured area.

    Does that make sense? With the exclusions we’re trying to achieve, we would still need to manually adjust each section depending on which category that newest video was in. This wouldn’t be terrible, but if everything automatically went where it was supposed to, it would be fantastic. What do you think?

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    Is there a way to get this option in the admin area? Otherwise I’ll need to change the value every time I add a new video. I’d like my client to be able to set it without editing code.

    The portfolio.php code that Elliott sent earlier added the option to exclude posts from the portfolio grid, but it just didn’t work well. Is there a better way to add the same solid code to the portfolio grid that’s currently in the blog grid options to exclude posts?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Ok, so based on your last suggestion, I need to select “Link” as the post format on my portfolio item posts? The problem is, I don’t see a post format option on my portfolio items. Since that’s not an option, I need to use a portfolio grid with portfolio items, but the only thing I need is to exclude the first post from a portfolio grid. Is that possible?

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    So, I removed the custom portfolio.php edits that Elliott suggested, and it’s working okay now. His edit added exclusion functionality to the portfolio grids, but it kept excluding the posts even after I turned it off. If you can get the portfolio grid to properly exclude a number of posts, then we’ll be in business! Thanks!

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    Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on with the theme now. I have everything set up, but certain videos aren’t showing now for no reason, and my “Recent” section isn’t showing the category I have set for it. Any thoughts guys? This is very urgent now!

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    I’m not using blog posts. I’m using a blog grid to pull portfolio items because I was told that only the blog grid can exclude a first post, right?

    **EDIT** Also, it seems that excluding the first post of the blog grid section (the “documentary” category on my site) also excludes the first post in any “documentary” feed on the page. I added a “Recent” section that should pull the newest published portfolio item in any category, but it’s skipping the actual first one because it’s in the documentary category. This is clearly a bug. Are you able to fix?

    **EDIT 2** Now I’m seeing that portfolio grids can, in fact, skip a set number of posts. My problem now, though, is when I use all portfolio grids, without skipping any posts yet, my most recent portfolio items are no longer showing in the “Recent” section (which is set up to pull the one most recent portfolio item from any category).

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    I tried that and the blog grid posts still only open an image in a lightbox. I’m not sure what the offset option is, but I just need the blog post grid items to open their video in a lightbox like the other portfolio grid sections. Can this be fixed?

    This is now very urgent as this is a live site!

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    Hey Elliott,

    Ok, tried that. Now it opens the same video thumbnail, not the corresponding video, in a lightbox. I need the video to come up in a lightbox like the sections below that second “Documentary” one.

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    Hey Ismael,

    Thanks for looking into this for me. I’ve modified the border-radius and styled the posts to match the sections below, but now I’ve lost the responsiveness of every section. I haven’t even modified the other sections, but they’re not moving into a single stacked column anymore. Any ideas?

    *****EDIT: I fixed the CSS that was causing the weird non-responsiveness, but still don’t know why it happened in the first place. Also, using the “blog posts” module, as you suggested, none of the posts in the blog posts grid are opening in a lightbox, as they were before in the portfolio grid, and as the rest of the videos do. What do you think is the problem?

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    Hey Elliott,

    Thanks for the reply! Works great!

    One other quick question though: is it possible to have the blog grid posts act the same exact way as the portfolio grid (I guess, without custom CSS)?

    Take a look at the site here, You’ll see the “Documentary” section has the blog grid posts, and the “Adventure” section beneath it is the portfolio grid. The blog grid images have rounded edges and large spaces between them, whereas the portfolio grid had the option of no space. Are these settings I can change in Enfold’s options for the blog posts grid? Thanks.

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    To remedy, I added the CSS to the child theme stylesheet. I guess the Enfold CSS Editor is applying the correct path, but it still seems a little weird, or should at least warn to use full paths for images.

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    Perfect! Thank you!

    Are updates usually posted first on your website or on codecanyon? Or via the theme update on the options page? Haven’t seen anything yet.

    Awesome, you guys are great! I really appreciate your time and support with this. Keep up the great work!

    I look forward to the update, and will report back either way if the issue is resolved or not.

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    I removed any custom css that affected the header, nav, or main content area with top or bottom padding or margin.

    The only custom css that is still in there is only affecting colors, etc. I tried removing all custom css as well, but the scrolling is still off. Check the page now (without any custom css) and you’ll see what I mean:

    I removed all custom css that was affecting the header, nav, content padding, etc, but the highlighting is still off. It starts okay at the first section, but gets successively worse with each one.

    Ideally, I wouldn’t need to add any custom css and would be able to modify the spacing on all elements (including the menu within the header). Enfold allows me to change the header height, but not where the menu sits within it (ie. it’s always right at the bottom no matter the header height).

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    Hey Kriesi,

    Thanks for looking into it!

    If I get rid of my custom spacing/padding/margins, how would I go about achieving the layout that I have and have everything work correctly?

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    in reply to: Scrolling up at top of page glitch in Safari #332728

    Weird, watch what the same theme demo does for me:

    This happens on any site that I’ve used Enfold (see my current site at the end of that screencast).

    Looks pretty bad. Any thoughts? Is it just me somehow?

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    Hey Ismael,

    Here is a screenshot of the site I’ve been working on:
    And here is one on the Enfold demo page:

    Those were taken once I’ve scrolled up at the top of the page in Safari.

    Hi Andy,

    That CSS worked, thanks.

    The other post you sent to fix the inaccurate highlighting doesn’t actually come to a solution. Do you think there will be a fix for this soon?

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    Hey Ismael,

    Thanks for the reply. Here’s the pastebin with the shortcodes:

    Interested to know what you discover. Thanks!

    I tried the solution from this post: and it fixed the duplicate current-page highlight, but now the highlight doesn’t show accurately with where I am on the page. It highlights the section once I’m at the bottom of it, and skips one of the sections altogether. Any ideas?

    Thanks for the reply, but that wasn’t my question. The menu items are already styled (see my original post above).

    Anyone have an idea pertaining to the question?

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    I don’t really have to do anything with the avia shortcodes, though, right? I could just create a separate homepage loop for portfolio-items and style as necessary…?

    Yea, I was basically wondering if there was a setting in the portfolio grid (maybe with a little CSS magic) that would give me full-width, clickable portfolio entries.

    If I were to create a custom loop just for the homepage, which shortcode would you be calling for “do_shortcode”?

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    Great! Thanks so much for your quick help!

    in reply to: Use different social icons #263043

    Awesome, they’re showing up now, thanks.

    My other question was: What do I need to do so the custom icons have the same color circle background hover effect as the original social icons?

    in reply to: Use different social icons #263035

    Am I using the correct icon code/name in my functions.php code? Do I need to use the Fontello-issued name? ie. “spotify-circled” Although I tried that and it didn’t work either.

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