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  • Hello, we are having the same problem. The text links are linking to an archive gallery. In addition, some of the thumbnail images are not linking to anything at all (we would like them all to link to the appropriate portfolio page).

    Here is one example:


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    Thanks Yigit!

    It worked when I added the span code into both Settings/Twitter Widget AND Appearance/Widgets/Twitter Widget Pro. It wasn’t working if the span code wasn’t in both of those.

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    Ignore me, just tried another computer. This will do!

    Thank you guys for your help!

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    Hi Devin,

    On my other blog site that I tested the embed code in, it looks the way yours looks, which is totally fine. Unfortunately, the way it looks in the blog post in this thread is not only limited in the ability to size/resize, but it also has that white space that closes up on rollover. Can you tell me why that is happening?

    It isn’t happening on your page that you linked to and it doesn’t happen on my other blog, here: pw: spotify

    If I could at least get this rollover fixed, I’ll be happy.



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    Hi Ismael,

    I added this to the CSS style sheet and emptied my browser history and cache from the earliest possible point. The embed still looks funky and the embed doesn’t reflect any size changes or directions.

    I hope this isn’t a lost cause as this is a really integral part of our website and we want to be embedding this player once a month.

    Thanks for your help,


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    Hi Dude,

    I replaced the code like you suggested and it doesn’t work. :(

    Take a look:

    pw: spotify

    It seems like it did format it to the default width, but the height is still being overridden by something. Here is the only coding in the text section of the post:

    <iframe style=”font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px;” src=”” height=”600″ width=”250″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

    I went to change the height to 400 and all it did was remove the white space you see under it in it’s current state.

    The weird white space that closes up when you rollover the player is also still there.

    Any other suggestions?



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    Hi Nick,

    Chrome and Firefox.

    in reply to: Video embed is a wonky size #105556

    Can someone please help me answer this question?


    Can you tell me how to make my embed video sizes not override new videos that are embedded? See above questions for more details.


    in reply to: Video embed is a wonky size #105555

    A solution:

    So on the blog page, the post at the bottom of the page has a Vimeo video embedded that had a 77px high setting due to it being a 360 degree video, weird format. When we changed those settings to 281px high (and thereby sacrifice the look of the video on our blog), it fixed the most recent embedded video.

    Even though my original question was solved, can you still tell me if you know why the Beneath 360 video settings were overriding our most recent Out of Order trailer settings? I’d prefer to pick individual sizes as we post lots of different videos.

    Thank you.


    in reply to: Some thumbnails are greyscale and some are color. #101238

    I figured it out, it was a matter of using ‘&’ in the titles — I switched to ‘&’ and that fixed the issue.

    in reply to: image display #98764

    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks for the response. My original images are 1000 x 667, and I would like them to stay this size. Do you know what I need to do differently to ensure that they do not get as large as 1140 x 760?


    in reply to: portfolio thumbnails greyscale AND linking to a page #101207

    Hey guys,

    I still can’t figure out why some of my thumbnails are in color and the other are doing the greyscale rollover. Any help?


    See this page:

    in reply to: portfolio thumbnails greyscale AND linking to a page #101206

    Okay, I got just the video to show up RE: Question 2. I just added the video as the second featured listing.

    BUT, it has black bars above and below. Can anyone help me with removing these?



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    I updated the code in the functions.php file for to reflect the size my images are going to be (1000px x 667px), and then regenerated my thumbnails. It appears to be working, but is there a better way I should be doing this so that I don’t lose formatting when I update the theme down the road?

    Thank you

    $avia_config = array(‘width’=>1000, ‘height’=>667, ‘crop’=>true ); // images for fullsize pages and fullsize slider

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    Hi Ismael,

    My images are getting cropped in the slideshow. Can you please tell me how to fix this? I don’t see an option for full frame when I upload the images or in the Template Builder.

    Here is the page:

    Thank you

    in reply to: Extensive Help File? #98568

    Thank you, Ismael!

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