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  • in reply to: Contact Form character errors #58992

    Cool, now it works!!! Thanks alot for awesome a fast support! Good job!

    So what´s the main reason that it fails here and not on other places?

    in reply to: Contact Form character errors #58990

    No, I´ve never had this problem of my maybe 100 wordpressinstalls with different contact solutions, and if something been wrong it´s been easy to correct and often has it been to convert the document to UTF-8 from Western European.

    The content in the emails look as it should with the characters etc, but it´s in the auto created subject the problem are now today this was in the subject when I tested.from a spanish mail “crecepestañas (FrÃ¥n Swiss Clinic kontaktformulär Swiss Clinic)”, so these characters appears ñ, Ã¥ etc… but as I said just in the subject in the mail I get from the form.

    in reply to: Attributes as Dropdown Menu? #58976

    See that you have it on your demopage… but I cannot get it just lists the attributes?

    in reply to: Post Type – Variable Issues #55817

    Yes. how do I get that nice dropdown on the Showcase page of rings??? Just get a list of products with the sizes….

    in reply to: Translations missing in .PO file. #56442

    Updated but the strings does not seem to be updated… or what am I doing wrong?

    I downloaded and replaced with new .mo .file but I cannot even find them in the Pooedit when I search after the strings?

    in reply to: Change produkt details layout? #57822

    Ok thanks for reply, for example I want to take away the name of the product above the number of items as it´s big above the image (I now hidden the div, rough hack but anyway). Then I want the price to be there instead big as it is on the right side and I positioned it with CSS no probs, but when I want to have a row break between the old price and the sale price I want to put a br or something between them, hos do I do that and in what file etc. Maybe it´s in the template-folder then. Problem is when they update the core, can I filter and override those settings in a easy and good way?

    Other thing that maybe are the same problem, my customer want to take away the alternatives for product sorting in the grid. How do I permanently do that and then sort after a specific order they want to have on their products?

    Also to touch the core will make problems later when updates comes..

    in reply to: Translations missing in .PO file. #56440

    No, does not help.. they are there but not translated on the webpage

    in reply to: How to integrate the "Lost Password" page? #57285

    Want this feature too.. you have it on your site here! :)

    in reply to: "Undefiend" product name #57218

    it´s not official yet and behin under contrcuction so what mail could I post it to? Don´t want to go live here,… :)

    in reply to: "Undefiend" product name #57216

    I must also tell that the Productname is correct in the list then, but it´s just the top thing that appear when I put it in the bag…

    in reply to: Translations missing in .PO file. #56438

    Hello, the contact-form.php seem not to be connected aswell, seem like it is in the .PO file the words but it´s not appear in the Contact Page?

    Or am I missing something out here? I have my swedish langage set in config.php or is it other thing I need to do to activate the lang directory?

    in reply to: Adding own pages and Cart stop do work? #56108

    The cart drop down appear when I assign a WooCommerce page for the “shop” in the admin, but just for the chosen shop page itself and for custom menues, but not for Pages even when I importing dummy data from your theme admin. It´s very wierd…

    in reply to: Support for Multilingual #52809

    Problem is when I deactivate WPML and then add Categories in your Portfolio and then activate the plugin again the added categories are gone? Or what Im I doing wrong?

    in reply to: Support for Multilingual #52807

    Hello how do WPML support the Brightbox theme, I assume thats the same as this theme? Have problems to get the Portfolio to work correctly with WPML. Any hacks to get it to work?

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