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  • Well… yes and no. That holds the menu open on iPhone (and created some unexpected behavior on iPad).

    So, on iPhone:
    After adding that code, now when clicking on one of the select options (like “Price”), the object behind the menu actually gets clicked. I thought maybe it might be a z-index problem, but then why can I see the select menu on top of the content? Haven’t tested on android/windows phones. If we get it working on iPhone, I’ll test on other mobiles.

    On iPad:
    After adding the code, the menu has to be tapped twice or more to stay open. Behavior was working better before adding the new code to functions.php, so I’m assuming that must’ve been fixed in the most recent update. Would rather not have this behavior on iPad, so I’m inclined to say that code won’t work for my purposes, unless it can be used to target device widths below (max-width:480px).

    Looks like the problem is now localized to iPhone. I’ve tested using the Enfold theme as well as my child theme. I’m on an iPhone 5S with the latest iOS.

    Since this is now holding up our site release, I’ll hide the menu on smaller devices using a media query in the CSS. But please do keep trying for a solution. This is an essential piece of the architecture, especially for mobile shops.

    Thanks for working on it.

    Thanks. Just a reminder… It’s not a problem on Mac desktops. If you can, try a live device test on a current iphone/ipad. I believe it’s a touchscreen problem.


    I’m afraid that didn’t work. How about a JS solution?


    in reply to: Woocommerce filters not working on iphone/ipad #282890

    Also, just FYI…

    I’m on the most current version of Woocommerce and using the default shop layout.

    Thanks again.

    Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, that will remove ALL more links on the template-portfolio.php page. I only want to remove the more link when there is no exerpt or content text. For those portfolio entries with text, I want to keep the more tag.

    in reply to: Habitat Gallery tweaks #40362

    Regarding the question above:

    “Is there a way that I can set the homepage slider to auto-rotate, but keep the rest of the sliders (namely the grid of thumbnails from the portfolio view) to just be static images and not auto-rotate? The only place I want to really use the slider functionality is on the homepage.”

    It looks like she has this working on her site. Can you talk me through it? I need the homepage to be the only rotating gallery. I’m using the Habitat theme.


    in reply to: Portfolio Entry Sidebar – Aviso #38437

    Can you share the solution with me? I’ve tried is_category(), in_category(), is_archive()… no go.

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