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    Alright great thanks for the help, it is all running smoothly now!



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    Helps with the errors disappearing. But doesn’t this mean that there is in fact an error happening somewhere that should be resolved?

    Also, with the updates now the spacing for the image controls is causing them to overlap the header text.

    Header Text and Controls Overlap

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    I downloaded the latest version.

    I uploaded all of the recently updated files according to the version history.

    I cleared the cache.

    For some reason the error is still popping up.

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    Where would I find the latest version of Angular?

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    The line in question:

    $data->slider = $slider->display();

    The code in question:

    	add_action('wp_ajax_avia_check_portfolio', 'avia_check_ajax_request');
    	add_action('wp_ajax_nopriv_avia_check_portfolio', 'avia_check_ajax_request');
    	function avia_check_ajax_request()
    		if(!isset($_POST['avia_ajax_request'])) return false;
    		global $avia_config, $more;
    		$avia_config['avia_is_overview'] = false;
    		$id 	= $_POST['avia_ajax_request']; 
    		$type = get_post_type( $id );
    		$query_post = array('p'=>$id, 'post_type'=> $type);
    		$more   = 0;
    		$slider = new avia_slideshow($id);
    		$slider -> setImageSize('fullsize');
    		$data->slider = $slider->display();
    		echo "<div class='ajax_slide ajax_slide_".$id." twelve units' data-slide-id='".$id."' >";
    			echo "<div class='inner_slide'>";
    				echo "<div class='flex_column two_third first'>";
    				echo $data->slider;
    				echo "</div>";
    				echo "<div class='portfolio-entry one_third'>";
    				echo "<h1 class='ajax-portfolio-title'>".get_the_title()."</h1>";
    				echo "<div class='entry-content'>";
    				$meta = avia_portfolio_meta($id);
    					echo avia_advanced_hr(false, 'small');
    					echo $meta;
    				echo avia_advanced_hr(false, 'small');
    				the_content(__('Read more  &rarr;','avia_framework'));  
    				echo "</div>";
    				echo "</div>";
    			echo "</div>";
    		echo "</div>";
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    in reply to: Portfolio Pages are "Jumping" #90720

    I recently had time to test out a completely new version of the portfolio. I recreated the portfolio from scratch and used the 4 column layout instead of the 3 column layout as requested. I kept everything at the stock settings, no changes except the addition of portfolio images. I still had the jumping effect problem.

    However, the problem has gone away now that I have a lot of portfolio elements on the page. I have reloaded it again and again and it doesn’t come back. When I make a page with only a few portfolio items on it, the problem comes back.

    Things are running fine for now luckily, but if I have the problem again in some form, I will contact you guys again.

    Thanks for your help,


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    These are all websites using angular that don’t have this problem:


    One site has a similar effect where the portfolio sections slide in, but it still slides in before they are all loaded, it is much less obvious, and it is from bottom to top not left to right:

    Even the live preview doesn’t have this effect:

    If there is in fact some kind of animation that happens in every single one of these websites, a sliding animation of sorts, then it is very very subtle. My sliding animation is not subtle at all, and instead it is very obvious and quite startling in my opinion.

    If you guys can think of anything that might help to disable this animation or change it’s timing, I would be very grateful.



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    Thanks for getting a video of it and for passing it on to Kriesi. I think it was just a simple misunderstanding then, because I meant that the portfolio loading a second time with the animation was the “jump” (the one at 3 seconds). Definitely a different one from the original problem.



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    Hello Devin,

    I tried a similar test, cleared the cache in all browsers, and there was no problem with Firefox or IE. In Google Chrome I still have the jump effect and I tested this on three different computers.

    If worse comes to worst, I can even record it on video if that could help in any way.



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    Basically, the page jumps randomly and if you only load it once you might not catch it. Try loading the page a few times.

    What happened before was that the page would load everything perfectly fine and then all of a sudden the footer would come back up past the portfolio items and drop back down. Now the problem is not involving the footer. Once the page loads everything looks fine for a second and then the portfolio items collapse in and then expand out again.

    I looked at your Angular Live-Preview website and this problem doesn’t occur there at all, I tried reloading it 20 times just to make sure. It seems like the AJAX effects for making things slide across the screen is just executing at the wrong time. Instead of Executing Animations and then Loading Content, it is erroneously Loading Content first and then Executing Animations.

    I thought making a min-width value would stop it from expanding horizontally since min-height worked for the footer.

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    I added the code for the custom.css and it worked for one portfolio item. It still jumped a few pixels but it was barely noticeable. I tried a separate test where I added extra portfolio items to see if that would fix it as well. I added about 4 items in about 5 different categories with some overlaps. Adding new items didn’t fix it, matter of fact it made it worse. It started jumping vertically and now it jumps horizontally as well.

    When I added the custom.css again it actually stopped jumping vertically but still jumps horizontally.

    I also tried to add:

    #main {

    min-height: 1000px;

    min-width: 1000px;


    I was hoping it would produce the same fix in width instead of height. It had no effect, but we are getting somewhere.

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    Thanks for the response!

    The only modifications that I have made to the footer have been through the Appearance > Widgets menu where I have added/subtracted and modified the menu options in the footer. I tried rearranging the widgets a bit and resetting it back to default. I also tried replacing the footer.php file just in case. Both fixes were to no avail.

    in reply to: Portfolio Items Display Hover Incorrectly #90724

    I was able to fix the problem by adding this to the custom.css. Make sure to reset the cache for anyone else who tries to do this.

    Thanks for the help!

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    I uploaded a test item that displays this problem on the front page:

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    I noticed that the jumping doesn’t occur on the initial page load, but once you reload the page it jumps. Here is my URL:

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