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    Thank you, Elliott. I am familiar with Enfold, but it is not feasible to re-make our web site without much more time and planning.

    You mentioned how the shortcodes will not translate — this is just the type of problem I needed to know. I look forward to Kriesi’s thoughts on achieving google’s mobile compatibility with older themes without reinventing the wheel.

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    the problem turned out to be something entirely different: I was uploading CMYK images.

    While focused on code, and performance, and everything else i overlooked the profiles pegged to my images. It was only after i identified all of the offending images that i realized what they had in common. I replaced CMYK’s — which the newer browsers accepted — with sRGB’s and the IE browsers snapped in to shape.

    The site launched on time and has been working great these past 6 months. I still have a basket of updates and finishes planned:)

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    Update 2:

    Original WP install, the broken one: I deleted image galleries on the front page and a test portfolio and the pages worked – then uploaded new images to those pages. The pages still work properly in IE. It appears that the crash is due to a conflict between the old way image galleries were handled, and the new way WP/FL handles them. At the very least, i should be able to recover my site by removing all images and re-uploading them.

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    I installed a new WP site with Flashlight and copied the post information over. The site continued to freeze in IE7/IE8.

    I installed a new WP site with Flashlight and uploaded some imagery, new, to the slideshow gallery. The site is working properly.

    Could there be a trick to updating my existing post information to prevent a conflict in newer WP/Flashlight?

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    Similar problem to the others here but the work-around is to edit any image meta from the WP Media Library and not try to do it from within the ‘insert gallery’ box while you’re editing a portfolio piece.

    Hitting any button other than “…then close the window and update.” will break the gallery, as was stated above. If you upload gallery images but need to change image titles or add other meta, go ahead and publish the piece and then go to the WP media library. Change your image meta from in there and use the normal ‘save’ button and your gallery will update just fine.

    Hitting anything other than “…then close the window…” while in the gallery insert window will break it. In that case, you need to delete the piece entirely, create a new one, add any other ‘loose’ layout images -first-, and then upload your gallery images.

    Edit: seems to be some other step tripping me up here, I’m not having much success creating the page in one go and it likely stems from the addition of ‘loose’ images/gallery/lightbox in the page content itself. The sure way for me to post seems to be to avoid adding additional images, or: create a portfolio item, fill out the layout and images, publish, edit it, select all the content and cut it, delete that portfolio item, create a new one, paste the content, add the gallery, and then publish THAT one. Then fix my image titles separately. Your mileage may vary if not using ‘loose’ images. Meh. But hey it looks fantastic.

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    Thanks for this — After updating prettyphoto i was wondering where to change the theme.

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    happened to me, too. can’t sort out where in the DB the data is stored, can’t transplant without losing it.

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    Dude, i’m afraid that didn’t work for me.

    I’m using another solution without transparent PNGs. at you can see why, per the design, i hope that sometime there will be a solution.

    solved – was a privacy issue in my DB.

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    reposting my question elsewhere, decided it’s not related to this post

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    this has been solved, thanks Dude

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    i am using vr 1.2.2. Could this be related to Cufon? is there a quick and easy way to disable Cufon, to help me troubleshoot?

    This site is in it’s infancy, if you’d rather log in and take a peek.

    As always, happy to have your support on Kriesi’s great framework.

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    the new paragraph is ignoring the font styling.

    <p style=”color: #333; font-size: 13px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, san-serif; line-height: 1.7em;”>testing</p>

    this writes ‘testing’ just like the column head instead of looking like paragraph type. No colours changed, no font changed.

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    never mind, guys. I’ve figured out Kriesi’s child tag system and i’m moving along — just had to dig a little deeper.

    As always Christian very well done, your framework is magic. This topic could be removed if you wish.

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    i’ve found much of what i need under Shortcodes, but the H tags are elusive.

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    Thank you, dude. You pointed me to the fix:


    should be


    this allowed my ‘read more’ to perform correctly.

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    I am using Twicet. I’m following up on apbonline’s question.

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    How does one add a line break to the slider post? I’d like to avoid copy being cut off, and have the break after a short, introductory paragraph, instead.


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    it is a multisite installation. I suppose the only thing we can do is see how Timthumb performs when it has a real URL. I’ll let you know what happens when we launch in a couple weeks; if i have to create icons to use in place of auto-generated slide thumbnails, so be it. Thanks for looking in to this.

    in reply to: Transplant Portfolio Page's widgets to New Template #51264

    Thank you, Chris, with that tutorial i can add/replace widget areas throughout the theme.

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    I’ve already perform a virgin install of the latest Twicet to verify the problem.

    Regards –

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    some things i have noted for troubleshooting:

    i expected that, being in a network set up, the media and posts would be under …/wp-content/blogs.dir/ … this is not the case, so far the first site is putting content in to /uploads … this may be the proper operation, but the network feature is new to me. The site is installed in a root location, as WP requests, however it does not have a domain name.

    could the fact that this is a network set up, compounded with the site being in a ‘sandbox’ without a domain name, be making timthumb skip a beat? The application goes beyond my PHP knowledge to troubleshoot.

    Thanks for your help.

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    i’m afraid updating the timthumb.php file did not fix my problem.

    I removed the uploaded test images, removed the test posts, updated timthumb.php (and style.css), created new posts and uploaded new images. The problem persists.

    Is it possible to change my password in this forum? i can’t seem to find an option…

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    here is the link to the site being built

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