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    What would the style.css file need to have in it? Thanks

    Thank you for your candid response. I understand this is a busy time. I respect the category of releases you are pursuing, I am not waiting for a specific feature, but if there were any features added it would have been informative to the decision process.

    With word press it is not much of an obstacle to change themes, however, to make an informed decision at the outset can avoid switching things around more than is required.


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    “Shouldn’t the custom.css file be the last one to be considered?”

    Yes. It should…using !important is !tedious

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    Which PS would integrate nicely with Enfold Open Graph meta per page, and App ID integration

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    I’d like to second this request, having icon choices that are styled via CMS to fit within the theme would be great.

    “Enfold Social Media Widget”….


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    I too have the same issue (s)

    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #114632

    Built in:


    Social Media Widget

    Mega Menu with ability to put in html/multimedia <<Edit by Devin: This is possible inside the third level menu item if you set it as a text block. As well as inside description boxes for the 2nd level items>>

    Facebook OG/app id/aiblity to modify metadata


    Ajax Sidebar navigation


    SVG support.

    Sensei support

    a Centered Logo header option

    ability to alter the top header background to anything


    Full google web font support by heading level (with ability to choose which font weight is used)


    just looked over the request list, I’d like to add myself to many of those, should I list them out?

    Nick Wrote: To show support for a particular feature, please let Kriesi know by posting
    that you also want particular feature(s) asked for in earlier posts or suggest something new.
    In an effort to keep this thread from becoming too long (and thereby useless for the reader)
    we concatenate multiple posts from the same name into a single post (one below the other),
    so nothing is discarded.

    in reply to: Using shortcodes in LayerSlider not working? #120495

    Edit: sorry that was just in “ENTER PREVIEW” mode within layerslider, I saved it and previewed on the page and it worked…so now I’ll just figure out how to place it without being able to view it in preview…

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)