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  • in reply to: updating did not fix failed featured media upload #536203

    I updated them all and it fixed the problem!

    in reply to: updating did not fix failed featured media upload #531035

    Please see below. I am trying to add images under my HOME PAG.:

    also now my fonts do not display correctly (main links should be BANK GOTHIC) even though I copy and pasted the code from my previous style.css

    I believe I uploaded these files correctly:

    folder framework
    folder js

    yet the slideshows still wont load.

    in reply to: Change slider order through drop shadow. #191530

    looks even worse now and didnt do my desired request.

    in reply to: Change slider order through drop shadow. #191048

    I replaced left with right and made a positive 15 and it still looks the same :(

    in reply to: Website seems shifted over a few pixels again. #129002

    any idea how to disable this while keeping the plugin intact.

    in reply to: slideshow images and featured images not displaying #128006

    the culprit was a screw up in my avia.js somewhere (i used a .css code compress app which must have messed it up). I ended up uploading the original avia.js file and it works great now

    I fixed it. I took the original avia.js and just added my mods and it works fine. Earlier I used some .css compress app and it must have messed up the code

    line 123 is the very last line. is anything wrong here?

    /* this prevents dom flickering, needs to be outside of dom.ready event: */

    document.documentElement.className += ‘js_active ‘;

    /*end dom flickering =) */

    //global path: avia_framework_globals.installedAt



    jQuery(“.socialmedia-buttons a”).addClass(“noLightbox”);

    jQuery(‘.postid-9444 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-9444 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-9183 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-5308 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-5307 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-9119 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-9118 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-9117 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-9116 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-9115 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-9140 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-9131 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-9130 .slideshow_featured, .postid-9060 .slideshow_featured, .postid-8976 .slideshow_featured, .postid-8876 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-8751 .slideshow_featured, .postid-8577 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-8561 .slideshow_featured, .postid-8386 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-8262 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-8263 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-8264 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-8243 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-8242 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-8214 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-8166 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-8067 .slideshow_featured, .postid-7932 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-7832 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-7798 .slideshow_featured, .postid-7752 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-7238 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-717 .slideshow_featured, .postid-7677 .slideshow_featured, .postid-7426 .slideshow_featured, .postid-6661 .slideshow_featured, .postid-6615 .slideshow_featured, .postid-6616 .slideshow_featured, .postid-6547 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-757 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-750 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-804 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-816 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2489 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2490 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-818 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-888 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-899 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2997 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-906 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-912 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3014 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1000 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2540 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2541 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2542 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2543 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2544 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2545 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2546 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2547 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2548 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2549 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2550 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2551 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2552 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1062 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1065 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1074 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1070 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1078 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1072 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1076 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1268 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1099 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1551 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-640 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-962 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3512 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-964 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1053 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1056 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1054 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1058 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1057 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1055 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3458 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1611 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1612 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1726 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1727 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1728 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3355 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3356 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3357 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3368 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3369 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1614 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3370 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3371 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3372 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3404 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3403 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3468 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1613 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1615 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1757 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1758 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1759 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1599 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1773 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1774 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1775 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1776 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1777 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1778 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1779 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1780 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1781 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1782 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1783 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1784 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2152 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2157 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1616 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1865 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1866 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1868 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1869 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1870 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1871 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1872 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1873 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1874 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1875 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3473 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1617 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3418 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3417 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1618 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3417 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1618 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1946 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1947 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1948.slideshow_featured, .page-id-3479 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1619 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3480 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1620 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1621 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1968 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1967 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1961 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1962 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1963 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1964 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1965 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3441 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1623 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3436 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3437 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1624 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1985 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1986 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1987 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1988 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1989 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1990 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1991 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2139 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3452 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-3451 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1625 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2005 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2006 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2007 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2008 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2009 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2010 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2011 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2012 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2013 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2014 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-2014 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-4645 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-4799 .slideshow_featured, .page-id-1543 .slideshow_featured,’).find(‘img’).unwrap();

    jQuery(‘.page-id-9444 .content .featured, .page-id-9119 .content .featured, .page-id-9118 .content .featured, .page-id-9117 .content .featured, .page-id-9116 .content .featured, .page-id-9115 .content .featured, .page-id-9140 .content .featured, .page-id-9131 .content .featured, .page-id-9130 .content .featured, .page-id-8262 .content .featured, .page-id-8263 .content .featured, .page-id-8264 .content .featured, .page-id-8243 .content .featured, .page-id-7832 .content .featured, .page-id-1611 .content .featured, .page-id-6616 .content .featured, .page-id-1726 .content .featured, .page-id-1727 .content .featured, .page-id-1728 .content .featured, .page-id-3356 .content .featured, .page-id-3357 .content .featured, .page-id-1614 .content .featured, .page-id-3370 .content .featured, .page-id-3371 .content .featured, .page-id-3372 .content .featured, .page-id-3403 .content .featured, .page-id-1613 .content .featured, .page-id-1757 .content .featured, .page-id-1758 .content .featured, .page-id-1759 .content .featured, .page-id-1773 .content .featured, .page-id-1774 .content .featured, .page-id-1775 .content .featured, .page-id-1776 .content .featured, .page-id-1777 .content .featured, .page-id-1778 .content .featured, .page-id-1779 .content .featured, .page-id-1780 .content .featured, .page-id-1781 .content .featured, .page-id-1782 .content .featured, .page-id-1783 .content .featured, .page-id-1784 .content .featured, .page-id-2152 .content .featured, .page-id-2157 .content .featured, .page-id-1865 .content .featured, .page-id-1866 .content .featured, .page-id-1868 .content .featured, .page-id-1869 .content .featured, .page-id-1870 .content .featured, .page-id-1871 .content .featured, .page-id-1872 .content .featured, .page-id-1873 .content .featured, .page-id-1874 .content .featured, .page-id-1875 .content .featured, .page-id-1617 .content .featured, .page-id-3417 .content .featured, .page-id-1620 .content .featured, .page-id-1946 .content .featured, .page-id-1947 .content .featured, .page-id-1948 .content .featured, .page-id-5270 .content .featured, .page-id-5269 .content .featured, .page-id-1619 .content .featured, .page-id-5307 .content .featured, .page-id-5308 .content .featured, .page-id-1968 .content .featured, .page-id-1967 .content .featured, .page-id-1961 .content .featured, .page-id-1962 .content .featured, .page-id-1963 .content .featured, .page-id-1965 .content .featured, .page-id-1623 .content .featured, .page-id-3436 .content .featured, .page-id-3437 .content .featured, .page-id-1985 .content .featured, .page-id-1986 .content .featured, .page-id-1987 .content .featured, .page-id-1988 .content .featured, .page-id-1989 .content .featured, .page-id-1990 .content .featured, .page-id-1991 .content .featured, .page-id-2139 .content .featured, .page-id-3452 .content .featured, .page-id-3451 .content .featured, .page-id-5274 .content .featured, .page-id-2005 .content .featured, .page-id-2006 .content .featured, .page-id-2007 .content .featured, .page-id-2008 .content .featured, .page-id-2009 .content .featured, .page-id-2010 .content .featured, .page-id-2011 .content .featured, .page-id-2012 .content .featured, .page-id-2013 .content .featured, .page-id-2014 .content .featured, .page-id-2015 .content .featured, .page-id-3369 .content .featured, .page-id-6176 .content .featured,’).find(‘img’).unwrap();

    //activates the prettyphoto lightbox



    //activates the hover effect for image links


    jQuery(‘#main, #header’).avia_activate_hover_effect();

    // enhances contact form with ajax capabilities



    //smooth scrooling



    //activates the shortcode content slider



    //activates the toggle shortcode



    //activates the tabs shortcode



    //activate html5 flare video player



    //activates the mega menu javascript


    jQuery(“.main_menu .menu”).avia_menu_helper({modify_position:true});

    avia_cufon_helper(‘h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6’);

    //accordion slider


    jQuery(“.aviacordion .slideshow”).aviaCordion();

    // default fade slider


    jQuery(“.fade_slider .slideshow, .piecemaker .slideshow, .caption_slider .slideshow”).avia_fade_slider();

    // aviaslider initialisation: large aviaslider


    jQuery(“.aviaslider .slideshow”).each(function(){


    animationSpeed:500, // animation duration

    autorotation: true, // autorotation true or false?

    autorotationSpeed:8, // duration between autorotation switch in Seconds

    transition: ‘fade’,

    blockSize: {height: ‘full’, width:’full’}, // heigth and width of the blocks’

    betweenBlockDelay:50, // delay between each block change

    transitionOrder: ,

    showText: true, // wether description text should be shown or not

    display: ‘all’, // showing up blocks: random, topleft, bottomright, diagonaltop, diagonalbottom, all

    switchMovement: false, // if display is set “topleft” it will switch to “br” every 2nd transition

    slideControlls: ‘items’, // which controlls should the be displayed for the user: none, items

    slides: ‘.featured’, // wich element inside the container should serve as slide




    //activate tooltips for social icons


    jQuery(“#header .social_bookmarks li:not(.phone)”).avia_static_tooltips();

    // actiavte portfolio sorting







    // improves comment forms




    function avia_more_link_fade(container)


    var container = jQuery(container),

    links = container.find(‘.more-link’).css({opacity:0, ‘visibility’:’visible’}),

    parents = links.parents(‘.post-entry’);









    in reply to: entire website seems shifted over a few pixels #128253


    in reply to: slideshow images and featured images not displaying #128005

    That code worked for my featured images to be displayed, but my 5 sliding images on my homepage still don’t work:

    nor does my content slideshow feature on the rest of my site.

    please see:

    All of those images are supposed to be in a content slider.

    In fact, it seems none of Kriesi’s SHORT CODE inserts work. This page is supposed to have a toggle down but they are unrespsonsive:

    I was hoping you could tell me :P

    but the install fails when i try do to it with the install button. I had to do it with FTP and when I do that it seems to work except for the slideshows

    slideshow still doesn’t work after I upgraded to 1.5. I’ll have to downgrade to 3.4.2 until I learn why. any ideas?

    Okay I followed your instructions and made all the changes from 1.5, but it’s the first update I’ve done since like 1.2. Since I didn’t make all the changes in between there, will they be updated with 1.3?

    One thing I’ve noticed is that my the pagination of the blog at still doesn’t work!

    in reply to: Change header font size? #111541

    thanks! hot about the footer columns?

    in reply to: BLOG PAGINATION #58925

    care to share the solution?

    Is there an easy way to find any changes I’ve added? It’s been so long I can’t remember them all. Also, do you think updating will help my CPU usage?

    how do i upgrade to version 1.5?

    in reply to: changed contact us page name, now header icon is broken #109692

    any idea why that is related to the contact us page?

    I have no idea how that was related but it worked!

    in reply to: slider withing tab withing toggle? #106665

    ya know what? no need. I found the simplest and sleekest slider plugin which works GREAT with a TAB within a TOGGLE:

    in reply to: Clicking Page 2 of blog on homepage leads to 404 #98604

    Dude, why would I choose my BLOG as my static front page? when I do this, only my blog is featured on

    it removes all of my website except for the blog!

    in reply to: Clicking Page 2 of blog on homepage leads to 404 #98598

    so I tried the reading settings setting the front page to my homepage and the posts to my blog, but now page 2 just loads my homepage. check it out:

    in reply to: Clicking Page 2 of blog on homepage leads to 404 #98596

    Unfortunately this did not work. Also, I am not using custom structures. I’m using post-name

    Wow thanks. So I am in the process of doing this, but I am unsure where to clean up the list style with

    ul.products li {

    list-style-type: none;


    place the php or how to create this new page template to add:

    function avia_woocommerce_before_main_content()


    When I use the shortcode supplied in this thread, the tables, margins and thumbnails are not the same size as Kriesi’s default flashlight shop page:

    my custom page:

    default shop page:

    What .css do I have to modify if any to emulate the default shop page’s size? And I am still not sure how to get “my account” “shopping car” and “check out” at the top.


    this looks like it is is close to what I want. However, when I make a new page, there is no “my account” “shopping car” and “check out” at the top.

    I really would like to emulate the default product page, but something within this template puts the products on display at the bottom, so I would like to create a master page with all my categories then each category has it’s own product page like the template has.

    How can I do this? THanks

    in reply to: open new window with image (jetpack) in sidebar? #82712

    You’re right that was much easier. Thanks.

    in reply to: Detailed exif in Flashlight Masonry #53261

    I see. I did not know it gathered the info from lightroom! Thanks!

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