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  • in reply to: Frontpage Slider Problem #193540

    Found the violating plugin: WP UI (that was an easy guess). Silly interaction with the JS driving the slider. Sorry for bothering you.

    Regards, Marnix

    in reply to: Frontpage Slider Problem #192847

    Hello there,

    I have installed (hopefully correctly) version 1.9 of the Choices theme.
    Did this by downloading 1.9 to my server in a new directory, reapplying all patches
    and renaming the new directory to “choices”. Reapplying the patches was
    a lot of careful work – though they are quite small it is non trivial to reapply them.
    A child theme would not have been a good solution either

    The website seems to work, but the slider still does not.
    Herewith a screenshot of the Javascript error I get on the chrome console.

    Regards, Marnix Vlot

    in reply to: Frontpage Slider Problem #187377

    Hello Yigit,

    The problem to quickly update is due to the patches I have applied to the original theme.
    It will take me several hours to do all the careful checks to make sure I apply all of them
    properly to the new version.

    Note: currently I am on version 1.7 of Choices, I should move to 1.9 I guess.

    Note: why do you advice FTP updating: can’t the theme update itself through the usual wordpress mechanisms.
    For a plugin I bought that works fine. Of course my patches need to be reapplied: should I create a child theme?

    Regards, Marnix

    in reply to: Frontpage Slider Problem #187173

    I have the same problem; did not check the debug.log file .
    It may be a coincidence but I just updated to WP3.7.1.

    in reply to: Category page titles #108693

    I like this item: “Archive” is a very techy way to refer to a list of posts on a topic (sorry: category) in the blog.

    I do not like the “patch” for software engineering reasons: need to redo it if a new version of the theme comes along.

    Of course if there is no serious update planned it is fine :-)).

    in reply to: Questions about page sidebar navigation #107772

    Hello Devin,

    I have located the order field: thanks!

    Regarding your suggestion for the submenu: can you make some recommendations for the plugin?

    Regards, Marnix

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