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    Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately on Safari it didn’t appear to do anything and on Chrome it jumbled the other template builder items on the page but did not make the portfolio entries randomized.

    I can’t share the site due to a non-disclosure but other possible solutions would be appreciated.



    in reply to: Header site and forum #79349

    Thanks for getting back so quickly. The CSS code you provided above changed the color layered behind the white box. It looks like the item I want to change is actually the text box itself…

    in reply to: Header site and forum #79347

    I would like to change the white background of all forum replies to a slightly darker color.

    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -at-100004-AM.jpg” alt=” (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -at-100004-AM.jpg” class=”bbcode_img” />

    in reply to: Header site and forum #79345

    How would you change the background color of Topic Replies? Currently it is white but would like it darker.

    in reply to: Archive Sidebar #94020

    Sure. Just to warn you this is an adult site but there isn’t much on the pages you’re looking at.

    This is the main page with category widget that shows the hierarchy correctly as desired:

    When selecting a category or archive the blog category listing goes back to alphabetical as show here:

    I would like the listing to stay in the hierarchy if possible.

    in reply to: Archive Sidebar #94018

    That works perfectly thanks. A follow-up question:

    On my blog I have the categories listed out with a dynamic template and the category widget with the ‘show hierarchy’ selected – perfect. Once I select a blog category (be it the main category or a sub-category, along with the archives) it then uses the dummy widget to show the categories for that page and the hierarchy is no longer displayed. How may I add the hierarchy feature to the dummy category widget?


    in reply to: Missing Dynamic Templates #98322

    Bummer. OK, I actually made a decent amount of updates that I would lose if I reverted back to an earlier backup so I would like to re-make the templates. Problem is that it wont let me create any new templates…”Try again in a few seconds” error every time.

    in reply to: Overlapping Comments with Comment Dividers #94033

    Sure thing. I set up page to demonstrate at:

    in reply to: 1px Outline Around Photos Inserted In Page #93009

    Fixed the issue. I’m not using portfolio on that particular page but I tried to duplicated it with another page but couldn’t duplicate the issue. I recreated the page and it seemed to fixed itself.

    in reply to: Second Menu Row Shifts #91131

    Fantastic! Thanks Devin and Ismael

    in reply to: bbpress forum font color #91229

    Figured this out here just incase anyone else is having the same issue…

    in reply to: Second Menu Row Shifts #91129

    LOL ok never mind that only worked with Firefox and didnt seem to do anything with any of the other browsers I tested.

    in reply to: Second Menu Row Shifts #91128

    I partially answered my question after finding this past post:

    /* All Mobile Sizes (devices and browser) */

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {

    I changed the max-width to 989px. This made the theme shift to the mobile mode before any of my nav menu items drop to a second row.

    I couldn’t figure out how to then make the scroll nav menu kick in once the browser dropped before the 989px width. Currently there is a gap that has no navigation what-so-ever between the 989px width and what was designated as the orginal max width of the mobile frame.

    in reply to: Second Menu Row Shifts #91127

    That doesn’t work either. With the menu being dynamic if you shrink the size of the window that the site is viewed on it will drop the last couple to the second row no matter what size the menu items are which runs into the same issue as far as I can tell.

    If the second line of the nav menu can’t be forced to align left without it being effected by the page selection on the top row…is there a way to not of the nav bar be dynamic?… So that the entire nave bar stays one one line if it has room until the window is shrunk then it converts to the scroll window selection option as it already does at the minimum window width.

    in reply to: Second Menu Row Shifts #91125

    Ok never mind my fix didn’t work LOL so still need resolution. Thanks!

    in reply to: Second Menu Row Shifts #91124

    I did a quick fix of just removing one menu item. Now the menu is all on one line or if if the window is smaller and forces the nav bar to two lines the menu item with the drop down items is on the bottom row and doesn’t interfere with anything.

    I would still be interested in a way to force the bottom row from not floating right of the selected nav page above it.

    Thank you

    in reply to: Second Menu Row Shifts #91123

    As you see it pushes the second row to the right of the page selection of the top row. If you hover over ‘Locker Room’ the drop down menu covers ‘Contact’ yet both are selectable.

    I’m not sure if the floating of the bottom item is an ‘as design’ item or not but I think if the bottom row stayed aligned to the far left that would fix my issue. If you have other ideas I’m open to that as well.


    in reply to: Single Page without Navigation Menu possible? #91171

    Perfect. Is there a way to combine the css commands for multiple pages or do I have to put the full code for every page I want this applied to?

    Possible to make a Template and have a similar CSS command as above that just applies to the pages that use the template? Or is that crazy talk LOL.



    in reply to: Button is shifted down on page #78645

    There are no line breaks at that location. When I check the source code this seems to be the line of code that is relating to the large gap: <form method=”post” action=””>

    These related posting seem to be having the same issue but I need some fresh eye looking at this. I’m just going in circles at this point. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -button-on-my-page?replies=15

    This is the short code of the button itself created through S2Member plugin:

    [s2Member-PayPal-Button level=”1″ ccaps=”” desc=”Full Access Member / JockUp Guy photo sets and Chat Room video capability.” ps=”paypal” lc=”” cc=”USD” dg=”0″ ns=”1″ custom=”” ta=”12.99″ tp=”1″ tt=”M” ra=”12.99″ rp=”1″ rt=”M” rr=”1″ rrt=”” rra=”1″ image=”” output=”button” /]

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