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    Hi Yigit,

    I slightly modified your codes. Now it doesn’t break it. But I want to decrease the space between the right border (so that it has same space as the left border) for Contact Us.

    @media only screen and (max-width: 1410px) {
    .av-main-nav>li>a {
    padding: 0 8px;
    font-size: 12px;
    .av-main-nav>li>a { padding: 0 5px; 
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    Hi Yigit,

    Isn’t there just a simple box border CSS for menu items? If it goes back to the previous format that is even worse !_!


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    Ok I did as you suggested and it works quite well, not perfect but good enough. Let’s just assume people don’t have low resolution screens :P

    Now that the menu headers are close to each other, its kind of hard to differentiate between the headers. Is there a way we can add borders to each header so that they can be differentiated?

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    Hi Ismael,

    The problem still persists even after adding those stuff to quick css.

    As you can see from the picture even the social media buttons start going wrong at one point.
    It changes to mobile/tablet view from 900px but these problems are within 900px-1405px

    And of course, Enfold is the best theme I have ever used and I have no regrets for using it, you guys are simply awesome!


    in reply to: Team Member Social Link Redirection #136080

    Thank you so much! Its linking correctly!

    Btw what’s the correct syntax for creating a mailto link?

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    Thank you very much. It looks much better now :D

    in reply to: Header menu intersecting with logo #125000

    Hi Ismael,

    Your code fixed the header a little bit.

    1) Meaning when I’m viewing at full screen everything is normal.

    2) I shrink a bit, the spacing between the header titles gets smaller to avoid the overlapping with the logo. This is what your code did and it solved the overlapping problem.

    3) Then if I shrink a bit more, the titles start overlapping with the logo again.

    4) After a little more shrinking then it finally goes into mobile view.

    Is there a way to make the logo be at center top and the header titles be under the logo at step 3? I think that would be the best solution to fix this problem because if we decrease the space between the titles anymore it would look like a single line then.

    Hey Devin I am having the same problem with the menu intersecting with the Logo.

    I can give you my site address can you do that re-styling you were talking about?


    in reply to: Bug In Viewing Portfolio #124507

    Wow bro it totally fixed it!!

    Can you explain me what that CSS did? You just did something with the padding but will anything else be affected by that CSS?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)