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  • Hi Yigit,

    Thanks a lot for your quick and helpful reply!

    Kind regards,


    in reply to: Pagination doesn't work #134929


    Pagination seems to be broken on the blog grid page. I disabled all plugins but the issue persists.

    I get 404 errors.

    Do you have any other solutions I might try?

    Thanks in advance.



    in reply to: Blog Pagination Not working in Grid view #135251

    I have exactly the same problem in the blog grid view.

    In an attempt to fix the problem I disabled all plugins but I could still reproduce this issue.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    in reply to: Some problems 404 ,permalink and WPML #120353


    The problem with the categories in Enfold may even be bigger than just the permalinks issue.

    When I list all my posts in my dashboard and filter on category, I get a “No results found” back, even though the posts are there (I can search for them through the regular “Search Posts” form. When I hit filter again I get an “Invalid post type” error…

    And when I want to go to my category overview (the overview of posts of a particular category), I get a 404 Nothing Found error, not matter my permalink structure.

    Can you please have a second look at how Enfold treats categories?

    I hope you will be able to communicate a solution soon. The theme is absolutely gorgeous and user-friendly except for this issue.


    in reply to: Some problems 404 ,permalink and WPML #120352

    Thanks a million for your solution, formateins. It saved us a lot of time!

    @ismael, it seems that there are still issues with the permalink structure.

    Apparently Enfold cannot resolve the %category% structure tag.

    All possible variations of permalinks work and lead me to my posts, but whenever I choose /%category%/%postname%/ as my custom permalink structure I get the 404 errors again.

    Can you please look into it?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)