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    Hi Peter,

    I carefully copied and pasted the new code but when I went to look at my blog–it was blank, nothing showing! Cue sweaty palms and quick restore of the old code. I’d really like to have the “Read more” show up, so can you double-check that new code and/or let me know what to do differently?


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    Good to know. Maybe some of the workarounds I was using are now all fixed anyway. Will do the big update tonight!

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    Thanks, Devin. I didn’t realize that 3.8 wasn’t going to work with my version of the theme. The reason I didn’t update the theme previously is that I had done quite a bit of customization a few years back and to be honest don’t have great documentation on what I did–nor the time right now to spend figuring it out. Sounds like I need to make time. I viewed the video link, which was helpful. Is there some easy way to compare files to see what’s different before just overwriting them? Guess I’ll have to figure it out!

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    I just wondered if instead of all the backing up and theme updating, maybe it’s possible for me just to add some custom css coding to my current theme to make the cufon rollovers show up? If so, can you share what that custom css would be? If not, I’ll try the updating and overwriting, with fingers crossed. Thanks.

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    Yay! Thanks so much.

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    I’m having the same hover issue with all the Cufon. Of course it’s especially bad on the inert main menu. On one of my pages, where a list of links is in H2 Cufon font, I tried giving it an underline just to signify that the words were links. That did not take either. I’ve tried all the various css changes listed on this thread and in the forums, none made a difference. I’d hate to go back to Arial—any chance that this Cufon hover issue can be fixed? Thanks for letting us know…

    Eureka! @dennkiel your video did the trick.

    Here’s what else I learned (which all seems obvious now):

    • Under Portofolio Items “Add new” means “new portfolio entry” which is like a post. I thought maybe it meant new portfolio which confused me.

    • The content area on this new entry is for text only. You designate the photos by uploading them to the item’s Gallery area below.

    • Before hitting Save, double check that you’ve chosen a gallery layout, like “flexible grid gallery.” The default “background slider” shows nothing in the content area.

    @bokehman I’m going to try the Category widget in a sidebar just to see how that works. I didn’t think I wanted a sidebar on my Home page, but we’ll see.

    THANKS so much for your help, guys. If only I’d had this “down ‘n dirty” video before embarking on my highly frustrating journey yesterday. You should make the video a sticky post at the top of this forum.

    More questions to come on other smaller topics….

    Just to close this, I never did hear back from Envato support, but decided to try downloading the file one more time this afternoon, and lo and behold the missing file was in this download. Uploaded easily via WP interface. I wasted a day yesterday but oh, well.

    Thanks, Devin. I’ll contact Envato support. Almost ready to give up on this theme at this point…

    Thanks everyone for the tips, but I still need help.

    I downloaded the theme again this morning (my sixth time). It did not work in the wordpress interface, so I turned to Filezilla. I haven’t used FTP in years, so that took a while to sort out. But after FTPing the theme, it is still not showing up in the WP Theme manager. All I see in my CPanel under WP-content>Themes are the following files for Flashlight: documentation>assets; license; plugins; 1.6 2Mb; version_flashlight.rtf. I have never seen a file. I know something’s wrong because this looks nothing like what’s in the 2011 Theme folder right below it, which has dozens of files.

    I can’t believe I’m getting so hung up on Step #1. What am I missing (or better yet, what is my download missing?)

    Thanks for any further tips.

    This is what the unzipped folder contains. Are any of these even theme files? It was downloaded directly from ThemeForest like this. I’ll try Filezilla next but I don’t understand why this theme is different to upload than others.





    Thanks, I’ll try Filezilla and doublecheck the file, too.

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